Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace for Florida's Cooler Winter Nights

Floridians are used to warmer temperatures throughout most of the months of the year. When a cold front sweeps in and temperatures start to drop in the winter months, nighttime in Florida can be quite chilly. Alleviate the bite from the winter cold by installing your very own fire pit or fireplace outside.

Choosing between an outdoor fire pit or fireplace for cooler nights in Florida.

Give your family and friends somewhere warm and comforting to go with your own fireside oasis in your backyard! Depending on your type of entertaining, there are benefits of both fire pits and fireplaces, and there is one that is right for your home.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire pits tend to embody a socialization space. Typically seen as mimicking a campfire, fire pits create ample seating room, are low profile, and the perfect choice for a small backyard. Fire pits are most commonly seen as circular but can be found in more modern shapes such as square, rectangle, or oval.

Fire pits ultimately are more cost-effective and leave you to enjoy the Florida weather year round. Fire pits can have a wide range of prices depending on your preferences.

If you are looking to entertain throughout the winter months in Florida, a fire pit becomes a focal point and a place of gathering for you, your family, and friends to enjoy during the unseasonably cold times until warmer weather returns.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Another option to add some light and warmth to your yard is to have an outdoor fireplace installed. Typically, fireplaces tend to create a more romantic and intimate ambiance, while creating a focal point that a small group of people can gather in front of.

Fireplaces are more permanent fixtures that become an involved and detailed project, making them a bit pricier to install than a fire pit. However, if you are looking to truly enhance your outdoor living space, a fireplace lends a beautiful focal point that also doubles as a blockade against elements, especially during a chilly, windy evening outside.

With a fireplace, you can truly customize your design. Fireplaces allow for additions such as mantles, adding an adjoining patio, as well as choosing whether your structure is free-standing or attached to a wall.

Do you love to be outdoors even in winter?

Adding this element to your yard provides warmth, relaxation, and a way to enjoy the outdoor evenings during the winter months in Florida. Consider this before building your new structure:

  1. Do you prefer gas burning or wood burning? Both fire pits and fireplaces can accommodate either.
  2. Do you have space in your yard? These structures should be built away from a wood deck and never under a covered porch
  3. Do you have a source of water nearby? When deciding on either a fireplace or a fire pit consider your sources of water. Be sure a hose or some other form of water is nearby should an emergency occur with your fire.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors year-round is a gift Floridians are able to have. While the months are still cooler in the winter, adding a source of heat allows you to pleasantly enjoy the crisp nights with family and friends gathered around a cozy fire. Contact Three Seasons in Palmetto, FL for your free estimate and consultation today!

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