5 Tips to Prepare Your Landscaping During the Spring

As each season changes, we have to adapt the way we care for our lawns and landscaping. Spring weather in Florida is sunny and the start of the rainy season. At this time, it is encouraged to begin working on your lawn and landscape before the weather gets hotter.

Here are five tips that you can utilize to prepare your landscape during the spring season.

. Check your irrigation system

Spring is when the weather is starting to get hot, which is a concern for your landscaping. Be sure to run your irrigation system, and check for any broken sprinkler heads or pipes. This is apparent by observing either a geyser effect for a broken sprinkler head, or flooding in the case of a broken pipe.

In addition, it would be a good idea to take a look at the timing mechanism (clock) of your irrigation system to make sure that it is set for the proper times to run and durations to run for.

2. Mulch your landscape

Old mulch can create a mat on your landscaping beds that encourage breeding for disease and insects. In fact, old mulch also creates a layer that blocks nutrients from getting to your plants. Remove the old mulch and add new mulch during the spring to help your plants get more nutrients and more water. This will bring new life to your landscaping beds and also helps to prevent weeds.

3. Trim your shrubs and hedges

In order to give them a good start for the spring season, trimming the shrubs, hedges, small trees, or plants in your yard is highly recommended. However, it is also recommended to allow a professional to provide the trimming for you, as this activity is typically done in accordance to the needs of the given species of plant.

Trimming will not only encourage growth, but will also improve the aesthetics of your lawn by controlling the size and shape of your landscaping.

4. Aeration & Dethatching as needed

While dethatching and aeration are not yearly activities, they are performed during the spring when needed. Dethatching your lawn alleviates it from contracting diseases and allows the grass to strengthen, because aeration helps nutrients, water, and oxygen properly enter the soil.

5. Weed your lawn beds

Weeding your beds is important for the aesthetics of your landscaping. Here is your opportunity to gain some exercise, because the recommended way to rid your landscaping of weeds is to physically pull them out. In addition, properly laying fresh mulch will aid in weed prevention.

As landscaping professionals in the Palmetto, FL area, we know just what needs to be done to ensure your landscaping sees a healthy year now, and prosperous years to come. Contact us at 941-748-4613 to talk about getting your landscaping ready for spring!

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