Custom Outdoor Fireplace/Fire Pit Design & Installation

Custom fire pit built by Three Seasons at home in Palmetto, FL.

When you decide to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis, adding a fire pit or fireplace is a great addition. During the winter months in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton and other surrounding Central Florida areas, the weather can be a little cooler, especially in the evening hours. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy your outdoor living space sitting around a fire with your friends and family.

Designing and installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit requires detailed planning, making sure it compliments your home and its existing landscaping. We plan out every detail from seating areas to the right materials to use. We often build seating walls around our fire pits and fireplaces, creating a beautiful focal point of your outdoor living space.

What’s the difference between fire pits and fireplaces?

Fire pits mimic a camp fire; they are most commonly circular in design, creating a great seating area for everyone to engage in conversation around the fire. Fire pits are lower profile and are a great choice for smaller backyards. Fire pits are typically round but can also be built in a rectangular, square or oval shape. When building a custom fire pit, the center is built with fire bricks and fireproof grout. The raised wall within a fire pit is constructed with brick, stone, tile or concrete. Fire pits can be either wood or gas and we leave that up your personal preference. More people can gather around a fire pit vs a fire place because it is open on all sides, making it easier to design seating walls around the fire pit. Another benefit of firepits vs fireplaces is firepits are typically more cost effective that fire places.

Outdoor fire places are large permanent structures that create a beautiful focal point of your outdoor living area. They are traditionally rectangle in shape, but can also be built round, square or oval. The center of the fireplace contains a firebox, which contains a chimney for ventilation and is also where the fire burns. The outside of the fire place is usually covered in concrete, flagstone, river rock, brick or stacked stones. There are many design options that can be added to a fireplace in addition to the basics (chimney and firebox), such as adding a mantle, building an adjoining patio, making it free standing or attached to a wall. Fireplaces can be wood burning, propane or gas. With outdoor fireplaces, they are a more extensive project and are more costly than an outdoor fire pit.

If you’re located in Palmetto, FL, or other nearby area such as Parrish and Bradenton and are interested in building an outdoor firepit/fire place, just give us a call at 941-748-4613 and we’d be happy to provide a free price quote.

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