Outdoor landscape lighting services in Palmetto, Parrish and Bradenton areas.

A home or business with beautiful landscaping feels warm and inviting, but what about at night? By installing landscape lighting, your landscaping and hardscaping will shine as the night falls. If you are in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton or surrounding area, hire us to get the job done right. Three Seasons goes the extra mile, we design a layout that will light the best architectural features of your home, landscaping and hardscaping elements. We strategically place light to illuminate main focal points, such as trees, plants and hardscaping. Landscape lighting is often included in the design of walkways, driveways and patios to light your way when enjoying your outdoor space at night.

Home in Palmetto, FL with custom landscape lighting by Three Seasons.

What type of landscape lighting techniques do we use?

There is a lot more to landscape lighting than just randomly placing lights. There are many different techniques that are used based on the unique design of your home, landscaping and overall property. Here are the most common light techniques we use:

  • Wash Lighting is a soft even glow that is typically used to light flat surface such as walls or fencing.
  • Highlighting is pretty common in many of our designs. This is a good technique to light trees, home features and garden structures. Bullet lights are pretty small fixtures that are commonly placed at the base of the feature we are lighting. When designing your landscape lighting we vary the distance, angle and number of lights we use to highlight a feature, this creates unique lighting designs.
  • Silhouette Lighting is used to create an illuminated back drop behind different features. We do this by aiming spot lights at an adjacent wall creating a dark outline, often used for lighting dense feature.
  • Accent Lighting, this is pretty much any light that draws attention to a specific feature.
  • Up-Lighting is similar to wall washing but creates a more dramatic effect. Spotlight type lights are placed close to a building or wall creating a bolder effect then the wash lighting effect that creates a soft even glow.
  • Moon Lighting, this technique is created by placing a large light in a feature like a tree. This light is angled downward creating a natural lighting effect that shines down through the branches and creates a shadow on the ground.
  • Down Lighting, a technique very similar to moon lighting but much brighter. We place fixtures high and cast the light downwards to cover a larger area. The higher we place the light the larger area we illuminate. We also use down lighting under hardcaping projects or to illuminate a walkway.
  • Path Lighting, just like it sounds it is used to light walkways or any pathways. We place small lights along the borders of patios, driveways and walkways. We have to take into consideration when we design pathway lighting that they properly light the path way but won’t be kicked, tripped over or mowed over.

If you’re located in the areas of Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton or any of the surrounding areas, give us a call at 941-748-4613 to get a free quote on your custom outdoor landscape lighting project.