Landscape Mulch & Rock Installation Services

Almost all of our landscape design and installation services end with mulch or rock ground coverings, sometimes both. We also provide mulch and rock services to refresh your existing landscape ground coverings as well. We keep a good stock of the most popular mulches in our local nursery. For rocks and other ground coverings, we’ll pick up from a local supplier before we come to deliver and install.

Laying mulch or rock is not only for aesthetics. These ground coverings are also applied to the surface of exposed soil to keep water from washing or eroding it away. Mulch and rock help retain moisture and regulate the temperature of the soil, creating a better growing environment for your plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. It also improves the fertility and health of the soil, while reducing the growth of weeds. We lay your new mulch approximately 2-3 inches thick or thicker, and this is what helps reduce the weed growth. We recommend after we have laid fresh mulch in your landscape beds, that you refresh your mulch at least once a year to maintain a thickness of 2-3 inches of depth.

New mulch installation at home in Palmetto, FL.

Most common mulches and rock used in our landscape designs.

For our customers in the Palmetto, Parrish and Bradenton areas, most residential (and even many commercial) property owners choose red mulch because it stands out. However, cypress mulch is definitely another popular choice. Here is a list of the most common mulch and rock ground coverings we install in our area.

Landscaping mulch and rock project

Cypress Mulch – This organic mulch is made from shredded cypress trees and has an attractive natural wood color.

Red Mulch – Produced from the bark material of cypress, redwood, cedar and pine trees, this mulch is harvested through the lumber milling process. Dyes or stains are typically added during the manufacturing process to produce the desired color.

Pine Bark Nuggets – These nuggets come in many different sizes, is long lasting and when it does begin to break down, it adds nutritional organic material to the soil.

Black Mulch – This mulch is relatively the same as the red mulch, but they add black dye during the manufacturing process instead.

White River Rock – This decorative rock is primarily white with small amounts of tan and gray tone, along with a smooth rounded texture.

Brown River Rock – This particular rock is very similar to the white river rock, but is brown with cream and white colors.

Red Lava Rock – These rocks form when volcanoes erupt, leaving magma (lave) on the surface. Much of this rock is dug from ancient volcanoes sites in places like Utah or New Mexico.

Shell Rock/Washed Shell – These small shells are great for landscaping beds and is typically mined in Florida. This is because Florida was once covered in water and over the years, large shell deposits have been discovered under the surface. This shell is mined and sold as washed shell or shell rock.

If you are ready to refresh your mulch or rock and are located in Palmetto, Parrish Bradenton or other surrounding area, give us a call at 941-748-4613 for a free price quote!