Landscaping Waterfalls & Other Water Features

Creating outstanding landscape design is what we are known for, but when we design a waterfall or different types of water features, it takes the design to a whole new level. Building an outdoor water feature increases the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living area or landscaping by incorporating a new look, as well as providing ambient background noise.

Three Seasons offers many different types of water features and waterfalls to our customers in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton and the surrounding areas of Central Florida. Choosing the right fountain or waterfalll can be tricky, but there is an option for almost any landscape design. We are here to help you choose which type of water feature is best suited for your property.

Custom rock/boulder waterfall on residential property in Palmetto, FL.

Types of water features for your home or business.

There are several different types of water features from fountains to ponds. Here are a few of the most common types of water features we install in the Palmetto area.

  • Spouting Fountains, these are the most common types of fountains people think of when talking about water fountains. This type of fountain is an easy addition to an already existing water feature, like a swimming pool or a pond. A spouting fountain is a more dramatic water feature, because it uses a pipe that sprays water into the air creating one or more large streams of water.
  • Cascading Fountains are typically a multi-tiered fountain where water gently flows from one level to the next. This is a more subtle fountain then the spouting fountain. Cascading fountains come in many different sizes and styles and are usually self contained.
  • Wall Fountains, these are a great choice for smaller yards because they don’t require much space. Wall fountains can be stand-alone and sit flush against a wall or fence. However, these types of fountains can also be mounted directly to a wall.
  • Pondless Fountains & Waterfalls are not like traditional spouting or cascading fountains because there is not any visible water reservoir, such as a pond or pool. This reservoir for this type of waterfall/fountain is underground and hidden beneath a beautifully hardscaped base. This design does not require as much maintenance as other water features and can be installed in small or large areas.
  • Rock & Vase Fountains are exactly what they sound like. These are typically a collection of one or more differently sized vases or rocks that slowly pushes water out of the top of the vase in a bubbling style. These rocks or vases are generally arranged in a way that creates a unique look and flow of water.
  • Ponds can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a waterfall, fountain or stream. Ponds can be created in many different sizes, shapes and maintenance levels.
  • Streams can be used by themselves or flow into a pond. Streams are almost always constructed of a longer waterfall over strategically placed rocks and boulders.

You so many choices when it comes to water features!

There are endless choices when creating custom water features in your backyard or landscaping. We also create other types of water features that are great additions as well.

When we plan for a fountain or waterfall, we often plan for some type of pond also. Four of the basic ponds you can choose from include ornamental pools, reflecting pools, fish ponds and water gardens. These types of ponds all come in different sizes, shapes and depth. We will design your pond specifically for your property so it fits perfect and flows well with the rest of your landscaping.

Waterfalls are also a beautiful addition, creating soft ambient sounds and motion in your yard. We usually design and build waterfalls with natural stones or boulders, which creates a great focal point in any landscape design.

stream is another water feature choice, streams can act as natural filters and can be designed to flow into waterfalls or ponds. Streams can be a good choice along walkways, pathways or even pool decks.

Get your free quote today! If you’d like to have any kind of water features built on your property and you’re located in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton or other nearby area, give us a call at 941-748-4613 or complete our online quote form.

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