Have you ever had one of those tense family dinners where you wished you could turn on meditation music and instantly relax everyone? Well, serenity seekers can now rejoice! Adding a fountain, waterfall, or pond to your landscape can give your home—and its guests—the tranquility you’re seeking. Water features not only add beauty to your yard but also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Imagine relaxing in your yard while the soothing sound of bubbling water fills the evening air. There are endless opportunities for creativity when adding an outdoor water feature, including pondless waterfalls, rock bubblers, water gardens, and more. Continue reading to learn more about different types of water features and what each one has to offer!

Types of Relaxing Water Features

Regardless of your property’s size, there is a perfect water feature out there for your landscape. Below are several that are sure to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. Each one has a different look and sound to it, so it is ultimately up to you and your preference of how you’d like to enjoy your daily dose of zen!

Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall built in a backyard in the Palmetto, FL area.

This unique water feature is perfect for people with smaller yards that don’t have room for a pond or reservoir. Pondless waterfalls are a calming addition to any landscape; they make an exciting and impressive defining aspect of your property and are easy to maintain.

Pondless waterfalls operate by recirculating water from an underground container. They come in different sizes and styles to complement your individual landscape. You can design the water to flow with a gentle stream or you can create more of a waterfall experience with dramatic drops and plunges.

Rock Bubbler

Three small rock bubblers built in a backyard in the Palmetto, FL area.

Another lovely option for a smaller yard is a rock bubbler. Bubblers are easy to install and maintain. They are self-contained and take up about as much space as a large planter.

Like a pondless waterfall, rock bubblers don’t require a reservoir. A pump circulates water from an in-ground basin to the rock or urn that streams the liquid into another structure or stone base. Rock bubblers come in many decorative styles and give an artistic flair to your yard or garden.

Water Garden

A water garden built in a backyard in the Palmetto, FL area.

If you’re looking to transform your landscape dramatically, consider a water garden. This type of feature, also known as an aquatic garden, can turn your yard into a zen-like retreat of peace and relaxation. Water gardens can house aquatic plants such as water lilies and wildlife such as fish and turtles.

A water garden can be designed in almost any size, depth, and shape. They can feature waterfalls, fountains, babbling streams, or still ponds.


Close up on a fountain built in a backyard in the Palmetto, FL area.

Fountains offer the grace and tranquility of streaming water while also producing a stunning effect on your landscape. There are several types of fountains that you can choose from:

  • Sprouting fountains are placed in a pool or a pond and spray water into the air
  • Cascading fountains are self-contained and allow water to flow continuously down multiple tiers
  • Wall fountains are self-contained and allow water to flow down a flat surface

Landscape water features do more than just offer your mother-in-law a sense of peace.

Installing a water feature on your property has many benefits. Multiple studies have shown that hearing and seeing water reduces depression and anxiety and improves mental energy and sleep. Now, imagine having that right in your own yard!

Your landscape water feature will also:

  • Increase your property value
  • Help combat pollution by charging the air with healing negative ions
  • Create a stunning high-impact statement on your landscape
  • Attract beautiful wildlife, including birds, small animals, and helpful bugs

Seeking a moment of zen? Start with a landscape water feature!

Impress your friends, neighbors, and, yes, even your mother-in-law by adding an eye-catching and nerve-calming water feature to your landscape. Our expert design and installation team at Three Seasons will help you create a personal oasis that will add value to your home in the Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton, FL areas. To schedule a consultation and learn about pricing, call us at (941) 748-4613.

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