Landscape curbing services for properties in Bradenton, Parrish, Palmetto, and the surrounding areas.

Choose from a variety of our customizable curbing products to transform your landscape.

Have you been searching for a simple yet effective way to transform your landscape? If so, you may be interested in our concrete curbing services. Our expert contractors create decorative and functional concrete curbing that adds value to your residential or commercial landscape. We have customizable curbing products that offer a truly customized look to your property’s exterior.

Our concrete curbing contractors serve homes and businesses located in and around Bradenton, Parrish, Palmetto, and the surrounding areas.

Replace Your Existing Landscape Edging with Concrete Curbing

New decorative concrete curbing around a landscaping bed at a home in Parrish, FL.

Brick, stone, wood, and other landscape edging materials can be difficult to maintain and may tend to move out of place. If you are growing frustrated with your landscape’s current edging, it may be time to replace it with a more durable alternative.

Our team at Three Seasons offers professional concrete curbing services for your landscape beds. Some of the benefits that concrete curbing offers include added aesthetic appeal and the suppression of weeds and unwanted grass.

All property owners have a unique vision for their particular landscape. We offer you the freedom to choose exactly what you want for your concrete landscape curbing. Our variety of edging options including 4×6 concrete curb and angled edges.

After every job, our team removes excess materials from your property. This way, you can begin to enjoy your new landscape without worrying about the cleanup process.

We Use Professional-Grade Equipment to Install Concrete Curbing in Your Landscape

Here at Three Seasons, we use professional-grade equipment to install concrete curbing in your landscape. Unlike other concrete installers, we don’t simply offer cookie-cutter products. Our team has a specialized machine that allows us to create any color and design that you may want for your concrete curbing.

We work around the unique shape of your landscape, so its unusual twists, turns, and bends won’t negatively affect the look of your final concrete edging product.

We use high-quality materials to help prevent the color of your concrete curbing from fading. With occasional washing and maintenance, your concrete curbing will last for years with minimal cracking.

Concrete Curbing Helps Maintain the Appearance of Your Landscape Beds

New landscaping bed installation with concrete curbing, mulch, and rock at a home in Palmetto.

Our concrete curbing services help you maintain the appearance of your landscape beds. They keep your landscape beds’ mulch and rock from blowing away and prevent erosion from occurring. This way, all of your softscape will stay in place for the long term.

Some property owners are hesitant to invest in concrete curbing because they believe it will interrupt the lawn mowing process. Once they decide to get concrete curbing for their home or business, they find the opposite to be. Most of our curbing products can withstand the weight of an industrial mower. The blades of mowing equipment will not weaken or damage your curbing. So, you can mow close to your concrete curbing and spend less time finely trimming weeds around your landscape beds.

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