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Have you thought about the opportunities a fire pit or fireplace could open up for your outdoor living area? Both offer a chance to entertain and gather well into the evening around a blazing fire with friends and family. Choosing between the two can pose a challenge for many people when determining what type of fire feature they want to invest their money into. Spend more time outdoors at night by installing a fire pit or fireplace in your Florida backyard in areas like Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton.

We analyze the pros and cons of both, highlighting the features of fire pits and fireplaces have to offer so that families can make the right decision for their property.

Choosing Between a Fire Pit and a Fireplace for Your Property

Custom fire pit installed in Palmetto, FL.

No matter which choice you ultimately make, Three Seasons offers customization on all fireplace and fire pit designs. The real question remains: what will be the purpose of your new feature?

Fire Pits

Fire pits have a way of combining entertainment and fun in one large gathering. Fire pits are designed to fit large crowds of people; they easily accommodate 10-12 people around them. This allows plenty of space for conversation and activity. Fire pits are ground-level structures that leave your property open to scenery, which is a great solution if you have an excellent view.

However, fire pits also lack privacy and fortification against strong winds.


On the other hand, fireplaces offer plenty of privacy and wind blockage. Fireplaces create an intimate atmosphere intended for smaller groups of 4-6 people all facing the same direction. Fireplaces are fully customizable and are often built into other exterior structures, creating an entire area for personal parties.

The downside to fireplaces can be in the budget. The larger the structure, the larger your financial interest must be to accommodate the design and build. Additionally, the grandeur of such a structure will most likely require building permits and code regulations.

Three Seasons are experts in every aspect of the design and installation phases for both fireplaces and fire pits. We can help you navigate the requirements necessary for your structure to be built.

Choosing Materials

When it comes to the customization of your new fire feature, both fireplaces and fire pits have endless possibilities. In terms of structure, fire pits can be anything from round and oval to square and rectangular. Fireplaces can be built to the size and scale that the homeowner prefers and be adjacent to existing seating walls or outdoor kitchen areas.

The materials that both are made from vary based on budget and design. The most common materials used in constructing fire features include a combination of decorative brick, natural stone, stucco, and tile. Concrete pavers are also an excellent choice for the structural portion of both elements.

Wood Burning vs. Gas: The Pros and Cons of Both

One of the biggest decisions homeowners have to make with their fire features is determining whether it will be wood burning or gas burning. Gas burning is a huge time saver when you want to quickly start or put out a fire–it is all performed at the flip of a switch. Gas burning features also require little to no cleaning, produce no smoke, and leave no odors on your clothing. However, they create smaller fires and cost much more at installation than a wood burning feature does.

Wood burning fire pits and fireplaces off bigger fires, an affordable setup, and enhanced ambiance of sitting around a natural fire. The downside to wood burning is the considerable amount of time it takes to start and maintain the fire and the clean up needed after the fire. Wood burning fires tend to leave a smell on clothing and produce smoke that may be uncomfortable for people. Additionally, storing wood and keeping them pest-free may also pose problems for some homeowners.

Making the Decision

Making the final decision to invest in a fire pit or fireplace can be difficult. At Three Seasons, our team of experienced professionals can help you come to a verdict that will be best for your property and situation.

Based on the size and location of the property coupled with the budget and intended use for the structure, we can offer excellent insight into the right fire feature for your home. Get a detailed consultation with one of our experts by calling us at 941-748-4613.

We have years of experience installing hardscaping elements, such as fire features, in the FL communities of Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton.

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