No one can resist the beauty and ambiance a firepit adds to an outdoor living space. Now that current circumstances in the world have caused people to stay home more, more people are looking to improve upon and revitalize their patio space!

Custom firepits are all the rage and a popular hardscape choice for many homeowners in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, and nearby areas, but how do you know if a firepit is right for you? There are several things to keep in mind before having a firepit installed so you get the most out of what you pay for.

1) Do you want a wood or gas firepit?

Depending on your preferences, your outdoor firepit can either be wood or gas. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so your final decision will be based on numerous factors like cost, convenience, and maintenance.

Gas firepits are far more pricey and a gas line always has to be installed, which could add to the installation cost. Their ease of use is convenient when compared to a wood-burning firepit since you can have a fire in seconds simply by pressing a button. Gas firepits are also environmentally friendly and can burn continuously without needing to add more firewood.

On the flip side, wood-burning firepits are inexpensive and quick to install. Their ambiance and aesthetic appeal alone are enough to convince any property owner to get one. But like anything else, they have their own list of cons. You’ll always need firewood on hand if you want to keep a blaze going for hours and it can take a bit of time to get a fire going. It also needs regular cleaning and the smoke can bother certain people, especially those with breathing problems like asthma.

2) Where will you place the firepit?

Custom fire pit and patio area installed at a home in Ellenton, Florida.

Placement is an important part of any hardscape design and installation project, especially for outdoor firepits. Many people like to make it the focal point of their landscape, so the firepit needs to be placed in a way that complements their existing outdoor layout.

Ideally, you’ll want to install your firepit where there’s a great view for you and your guests to enjoy. Wood-burning firepits should be placed at least 10 feet away from your home or any other structure as a safety precaution. There should also be no branches or other flammable objects surrounding the firepit. Keep in mind the wind patterns and which direction the smoke will likely blow toward as well. No guest wants to inhale a bunch of smoke blowing in their face.

3) Should you install an in-ground or above-ground firepit?

Firepits are some of the most customizable hardscapes out there, so another option you have is choosing to install an in-ground or above-ground firepit.

In-ground firepits are created by digging out a portion of the ground OR by creating a raised area that gives the illusion the firepit is part of the landscape (which produces a very cool design). This allows for additional seating space and you can place large boulders or rocks around the outer rim of the pit as an extra design element for a more unique look. Plus, since there’s no firepit ring, you can actually see the whole fire burning bright!

If you’d prefer not to dig out a section of your yard, an above-ground firepit is just as nice of an option. These are very common and often less expensive. You’ll also have more customizable features with an above-ground firepit.

4) Is a portable or built-in firepit a better option?

A portable fire pit might seem like a good idea now, but they’re not as convenient as you’d think. These are much cheaper, offer limited design options, and prone to fall apart rather quickly after only a few seasons. Portable firepits also leak out ash and cinder easily if too much is accumulated.

Built-in firepits offer full customization and are constructed of better materials A professional installation job will ensure your firepit blends seamlessly with the rest of your landscape and provides you with a longer-lasting design that will last you years.

We can design a custom paver or stone firepit for properties in the Palmetto area!

If you have your heart set on an outdoor firepit, then call us at (941) 748-4613 today! We can construct them to any shape and size of your choice and can use a variety of materials like pavers or stones.

Our team at Three Seasons has years of experience designing and building custom firepits for properties in the Palmetto area and nearby cities, including Parrish and Bradenton. Fill out an online form to receive a quote!

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