Custom driveways are the ultimate curb appeal. With so many varieties of building materials to choose from, boring and giant concrete slabs are a thing of the past. Driveways can now be designed and styled to match seamlessly with the rest of your architecture and landscape layout.

Installing a custom driveway with high-quality pavers or stones creates a hardscape element that never goes unnoticed, but picking the right building material requires a bit of research. Comparing and contrasting different materials like concrete pavers, cobblestone, and flagstone makes the decision-making process much quicker so you can have a new driveway for your property in Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton sooner rather than later!

Cobblestones offer a ton of different design opportunities for creating distinctive patterns!

Cobblestones have been used for centuries (yes, centuries) for different architectural design projects. Its beauty and long-lasting durability have stood the test of time and continue to be a viable option for custom driveways and other hardscaping projects.

The way cobblestone is cut and prepared allows for an almost unlimited range of design styles! While the installation is relatively easy, it is a much more labor-intensive and time-consuming process, which can factor into final pricing.

Another piece that determines the overall price is the type of cobblestone material being used. Cobblestone is traditionally made from granite and can cost two or even three times the amount of other driveway materials. However, cobblestone can also be made from limestone, basalt, and sandstone, allowing for some more affordable options.

Besides being easy to clean and replace, cobblestones are pH proof and stain-resistant, especially against oil and fuel leakage from cars. This paver material also has a high load-bearing capacity and can withstand the weight of heavy trucks and equipment.

Flagstone has multiple natural stone options that blend well with most landscape styles.

Like cobblestone, flagstone is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colors and styles. Some of the more common types of flagstone include sandstone, slate, and bluestone. Another gorgeous option is quartzite which can range in gold and silver hues. Many homeowners also prefer flagstone because creating a design out of the irregular stone shapes is almost like putting together a puzzle!

Flagstone is highly versatile and is more durable than concrete pavers. It also has a non-slip texture and doesn’t absorb heat, making it an ideal driveway material option.

Although this material isn’t stain-resistant, mixing bleach and water will remove most mold stains, but rust or grease stains call for harsher cleaning chemicals. Another downside to flagstone is the expense. Since flagstone is cut into so many different shapes, there is more work that goes into creating a pattern that will help all the stones fit perfectly in place. This can quickly drive up the installation costs.


Concrete pavers are one of the most popular paving options for driveways.

Concrete paver driveway installed at a home in Bradenton, Florida.

There’s a reason why concrete pavers are such a popular building material option for driveways. This is a low-cost, easy to install material that is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, much like the natural stones listed above. You can even customize concrete pavers to the exact color and shape you want, so the limitless design and style choices are definitely a big bonus.

Concrete pavers are also relatively low in maintenance and can be cleaned with a quick sweep or wash down with a hose. However, there are a few downsides.

The pavers themselves are easy to replace, but that may need to happen more often than you’d like. Concrete has shorter longevity when compared to natural stone and can crack from extreme temperatures or invading tree roots. Sealing should be applied every so often to help prolong its life. Also, because the concrete can be altered with artificial pigments, the color of the driveway will fade over time.

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