Maintaining your lawn and landscaping in Palmetto, FL and surrounding areas is a year round task. September is the start of fall, and here in Florida, we want our landscaping and lawns to look great all year.

Trimming and checking the health of your trees, shrubs, bushes and ornamentals in your landscaping.

During September, you should prune your trees and all major plants in your landscaping beds. If you want beautiful blooms for the holidays from your Poinsettias, a good rule of thumb is to never prune after September 10th.

This is also the time to look for problems in your plants. Check all ornamentals for any insects, fungus and any other diseases. Palm trees should be treated with copper fungicide to help control bud rot and leaf spots throughout the fall. September is also still a great time for us to plant new palm trees.

Prune lightly and look out for pests on your citrus trees!

Tropical / Citrus trees should be very lightly pruned, only if they need it and checked often for whiteflies, scales and aphids. We recommend all our customers watch out for any pest on their citrus trees. For example, the citrus Bud Mite typically attacks lemon trees. These pests usually peak in the summer, but the lemon blooms are most at risk during the summer and fall. September is the perfect time for Bud Mites, and many other insects to infect your citrus trees.

Fertilizing and weed control for your lawn.

Treating your lawn with a complete fertilizer that includes a fall feeding is a great way to start. This will help to keep your lawn healthy while your grass goes dormant for winter.

You should wait until later in September to begin selective weed control. You should pull weeds by hand, or use a non selective herbicide until later in the month. When it is still above 80 degrees, it’s too hot for a general application of selective herbicides for weed control.

The lawn should be watered 2-3 times a week based on the current rain conditions.

Dealing with fungus, Chinch bugs and other insects/diseases in your grass.

Here in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton and surrounding areas, summer insects and fungi are still very active during September. Chinch bugs and other pests will threaten your lawn for at least one more month, so treating your lawn with insecticide and fungicide is recommended in September, if needed. Also during early fall, you can treat your lawn with a fungicide as a treatment, or as a preventive.

Want us to handle your September lawn and landscape maintenance?

These are just a few things that need to be taken care of and the best news is, you don’t have to do it yourself! Leave this type of work to our professional team at Three Seasons. You can contact us at 941-748-4613 to get an estimate for your property. Let us give your lawn and landscape the care it needs during the fall and to prepare it for the winter months ahead.

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