Having sloped land on your property can be challenging, especially in Florida. The rainy weather coupled with a sloped yard is a recipe for soil erosion issues. Luckily, retaining walls can help immensely with this. Retaining walls are a decorative way to add something completely functional to your property. They add usable space to your property, allow the soil in your garden beds to stay put even when it rains, and they even help prevent chemicals from your fertilizer from running off into nearby bodies of water.

Use a retaining wall to stabilize soil and add usable space to your property.

Retaining wall on sloped side of yard in Bradenton, FL.

Having a sloped property means that you have limited landscape design options. Many features like patios and garden beds cannot be placed on uneven land, mainly because of the erosion issues that are present. Adding a retaining wall will take care of the erosion issues by holding your soil in place. From there, you have many different landscape design options for your newly flattened space! For example, you can add a new patio, which can then serve as the base for many different creative outdoor living area designs. Once you lay a patio, you can add a table and chairs for guests, a fire featurea water feature, and more. The opportunities are endless!

Ensure Your Landscape Beds Stay Put With a Retaining Wall

Retaining wall for landscape bed in Bradenton Beach, FL.

A landscape bed is an excellent focal point for your property, showcasing your attractive flowers and stunning plants. However, the mulch and soil in your landscape beds can get washed away by the rain repeatedly if your property is on a slope, forcing you to spend money to replace these important materials so that your plants can continue to thrive. A great solution to this problem is a raised planter bed, made possible by a retaining wall.

Once the retaining wall is installed, the top area will be a flat, blank slate for a new garden! Utilizing a raised planter bed will ensure that the rain will no longer wash away the soil and mulch as rapidly as it once did. This will save you money and trips to the store for new soil and mulch and it will help keep your plants safe from the effects of rapid erosion!

Prevent runoff into nearby bodies of water with a retaining wall.

We have already covered the fact that sloped properties commonly result in rapid soil erosion, especially here in Florida. However, nearby bodies of water add another layer of complications. If your property is right on the water, you’ll definitely want to install a retaining wall to help prevent any chemicals from a lawn care treatment like fertilization from running off into the water. Installing a short retaining wall at the edge of your property, just before the water, will flatten out your yard and prevent the chemicals from being directed straight towards the body of water.

Your local landscaping company should be aware of the city guidelines for installing a retaining wall on your property.

Our team of licensed experts can design and build a retaining wall on your property. Call us today for an estimate!

From stabilizing the soil and keeping your landscape beds in place to protecting nearby bodies of water, the functionality of retaining walls is undeniable! If you want a retaining wall on your property built with high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, you need experts. Look no further than our experienced team at Three Seasons!

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