While winter in Florida might not bring snow-covered landscapes, it does offer a unique canvas for celebrating the season. Embrace the subtropical charm and infuse your home with the spirit of winter by adorning your table with Florida’s vibrant and festive plants. See these creative ways to bring a touch of the holidays to your table with Florida’s Festive Flora of winter plants that thrive in the Sunshine State.

Palms and Pineapples

Start by laying the foundation with Florida’s iconic palms. Arrange palm fronds as a base or centerpiece for your table, creating a fresh and unique backdrop. Intersperse the greenery with small, vibrant pineapples – a symbol of hospitality that adds a tropical twist to your winter decor.


Place a large poinsettia plant in the center of the table. You can choose a classic red poinsettia or go for a white or pink variety to match your color scheme.

Florida's Festive Flora

Bromeliads and Orchids

Elevate your table decor with the exotic beauty of bromeliads and orchids. These resilient and colorful plants thrive in Florida’s climate, offering a stunning array of hues. Place potted bromeliads along the center of the table or tuck orchid blooms into your centerpiece for a touch of elegance and a nod to the tropical paradise outside your window.


Florida is renowned for its citrus orchards, and what better way to celebrate winter than with the vibrant colors and invigorating scents of oranges, lemons, and limes? Incorporate citrus fruits into your table decor by placing them in decorative bowls or interspersing them among your plant arrangements. Not only do they add a burst of freshness, but they also evoke the sunny essence of Florida winters.

Seashells and Sand

Embrace the coastal charm of Florida by incorporating seashells and sand into your table setting. Fill glass vases with sand and arrange seashells or small, weathered pieces of driftwood for a touch of beachy elegance. This coastal element complements the winter theme while paying homage to Florida’s unique geographical beauty.

Candles and Fairy Lights

As the sun sets early during winter, add a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your table with candles and fairy lights. Nestle small LED candles or fairy lights within your plant arrangements to create a warm and enchanting ambiance, turning your table into a magical winter wonderland.

Transforming your table into a winter oasis in Florida doesn’t require snowflakes and evergreens. Instead, embrace the natural beauty that the Sunshine State offers year-round. With the vibrant colors of tropical plants, the freshness of citrus, and a touch of coastal charm, you can create a unique and festive table setting that captures the essence of winter in Florida, a celebration of nature’s diversity and the joy of the holiday season in a subtropical paradise. Check out our nursery for some of Florida’s festive flora’s for their beautiful winter blooms! 

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