Tips for Caring for Your Holiday Poinsettias

Every year households around the nation can be seen with their festive holiday poinsettias on display. Even within our local communities of Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton, FL, poinsettias are easily the most popular holiday plants.

However, they are a tropical species and have been forced to bloom during a season where they typically do not thrive. Take time to understand your tropical plant and follow these tips to keep them in bloom through the holiday season!

Caring for Your Poinsettia When You First Bring It Home

When you first bring your poinsettia home, make sure to remove the foil, take it out of the decorative pot, and give it a good drink of water. Once the water has drained, you can place your plant back into the container. This will help you start your holiday poinsettia off on the right foot! Also, keep your plant away from heaters and cool drafts, as they can be detrimental to the health of the plant.

Give Your Poinsettia Enough Natural Light

Two poinsettia plants in the garden bed of a homeowner in Palmetto, FL receiving the natural sunlight they need.

Holiday poinsettias thrive under bright sunlight. Find a good, sunny spot in your home where you can give the plant enough natural light all day long. Consider the direction your window faces as well. Typically, south, east, and west-facing windows are better than a north-facing window.

While you want your plant near natural light, you do not want it in a hot, sunny window. Too much direct heat can ruin your plant!

What Temperatures Are Needed to Maintain a Healthy


One of the main reasons poinsettias are hard to care for is their need for temperature fluctuation. During the day, try maintaining a comfortable 65-75°F in your home. At night, poinsettias prefer cooler temperatures. Dropping your home to 60°F in the evenings will be fine for the houseplant and help it maintain its healthy blooms.

Making Sure That Your Poinsettia Is Getting Enough Water

It is important to keep your poinsettias well watered. They can dry out quickly, especially in winter season conditions, where humidity levels are lower. Since poinsettias are also soaking up sunlight during the day, this can mean they will dry out even more. Strike up a balance with your watering schedule. Some plants may need water once a day while others only need it once per week.

Keep these tips in mind when determining whether your poinsettia has enough hydration:

  • Do not let them dry out
  • Soil should be slightly moist to the touch
  • Do not allow the plant to sit in a pool of water

Visit our nursery for your holiday poinsettia plants and bring festiveness to your home decor!

The nursery at Three Seasons has many plants in their selection that goes beyond offering only poinsettia plants.

While poinsettias may be a trickier plant to care for during the holiday seasons, they bring a vibrancy and festiveness to any home decor. As long as you follow these easy steps, your poinsettia should stay healthy and thriving all through the holidays! If you live in Palmetto, or surrounding communities like Parrish and Bradenton, FL, come visit our nursery and get your poinsettia plants for the holiday season! You can also call us at 941-748-4613 to find out about other popular holiday plants that we may have in stock.

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