Lawn suffering from heat stress

Southern states like Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana have to prepare for heat all year long. However, summers in the southern states are extremely hot, with temperatures that reach well over 80°F daily for several months in a row. During the summer, the heat beats down on your lawn and landscaping causing heat stress and sunburn on your plant life.

Help your plants beat the heat this summer and keep your property flourishing with these six expert tips.

Tip #1: Build your landscape for shade.

When designing landscapes in Florida, consider elements that can add shade, in order to help roots stay cool and plants to stay healthy. Mulching is a huge part of making sure your soil and roots stay cool. Choose natural mulch or compost mulch, which are the best choices for insulation.

Install plants that offer shade and protection while complementing your focal plants. Broadleaf plants such as Hostas, or ground covers like Juniper and Sedum, offer protective shade for soil in your landscaping beds.

Tip #2: Adjust your fertilizer and herbicides to accommodate the heat.

When it comes to landscapes and lawns, it actually is possible to have “too much of a good thing”. We are referring to the amount of fertilizer and herbicides used to keep your grass healthy, green, and weed free.

In the heat, your lawn grows at a rapid pace, but so do the weeds in your lawn. The problem with fighting those weeds with herbicides during the summer is that the wrong mixture of heat and herbicides can be detrimental to your lawn and cause more harm than good. You should use a professional to adjust the treatment your lawn needs, to avoid damage.

Tip #3: Know when and how to mow your lawn.

When a Florida lawn is cut too short during the summer, it can result in sunburn on the grass. Since there is nothing between the roots and the sun except the soil and blades of the grass, it is important to let the grass grow an optimal height. Mowers should be set to the proper height to enable the grass to continue growing stronger and thicker, which keeps the soil cooler.

Tip #4: Irrigation and hydration are vital to healthy roots.

Do you have an irrigation system in place for your landscaping? Florida lawns and landscaping thrive best with a professional system installed. An irrigation system offers deep watering, which ensures your plant roots stay cool and hydrated.

Your irrigation system should also be equipped with a water interruption sensor. This helps to not only regulate the amount of water your property receives during rainfall, but to also conserve water.

If you feel like your property is suffering from heat damage, let our professional team evaluate your situation and help provide recommended action. Call us at 941-748-4613, if you’re located in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, or surrounding areas.

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