Benefits of a Paver Patio & What to Consider When Planning for Your New Patio

Enhance your yard this year by having our team design and install your very own paver patio! When it comes to choosing materials to construct your patio, the benefits of pavers outweigh many other options in the landscaping industry on a number of levels including durability, affordability, and aesthetics.

Pavers are durable, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Pavers, flagstone, and concrete are all common options when people are looking to add on to their landscaping. Creating a viable outdoor space for gatherings is, of course, the end goal, but choosing something that will last is equally important.

Interlocking pavers are durable. Concrete slabs are prone to cracking and breaking, which then require patches to fix. This sort of repair work can create and an eyesore to your overall landscaping appearance. Pavers are sturdy, stable, and allow for expansion and contraction, which is important due to the high moisture levels of Central Florida. Pavers are easy to maintain, making them a prime choice above concrete slabs.

Additionally, your investment in using pavers is ultimately just that… an investment. You will be putting your money into an affordable, patio enhancement, that will increase your home’s value.

Pavers offer a variety creative options.

One of the things that draw many people to a paver patio, is the endless options available for customizing your patio. Patio pavers are available in various:

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Patterns

Also, you can utilize pavers to go beyond creating a pleasing patio, by bringing a hardscaping element to the rest of your property via walkways, retaining walls, or even a built-in fireplace. Your yard is your canvas when it comes to pavers! You can blend your pavers for a natural look, or create a pattern that stands out. Your pavers can compliment just about any style, from modern to rustic. Customizing your look is only limited by your imagination!

What to expect when your patio installation begins.

Selecting pavers, with the appropriate aesthetics to realize your vision, should be at the top of your list. But, let’s be aware that there are other important aspects of planning your paver patio. We always suggest having a professional install any hardscaping elements. Here are some key elements we consider, when installing your paver patio.

  1. Digging – Dig to the proper depth, for installation of your material (paver, flagstone, brick, etc.).
  2. Barrier – Create a barrier with landscaping cloth to minimize the growth of vegetation and weeds.
  3. Base – Create a flat, level surface by packing down the dirt and using a paver base or sand.
  4. Drainage – Handle grading to control the slope of the land, which will assist in drainage.
  5. Edging – Create a solid edge around your patio, by using more pavers, cement, or vinyl edging to keep pavers intact.
  6. Filling – Once pavers are set, fill in the cracks with sand for a finished look and to deter weeds from growing.
  7. Extra pavers – Make sure to store extra pavers, in the event that a repair may be needed, or you choose to add on to your patio at a later time.

Choosing a paver patio will create a beautiful addition to your landscaping, bring life to your outdoors, and give your family and friends a place to relax, and be entertained outdoors, while enjoying the warm Florida weather. Ask us about the options available for designing and installing a custom paver patio.

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