The Importance of Choosing the Right Plants for Your Landscaping
The Importance of Choosing the Right Plants for Your Landscaping

Whether you live in Colorado, New York, or Florida, choosing the right plants for your landscaping is extremely important for proper growth. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your plants and the biggest factor is zoning issues.

The United States is divided into specific zones when it comes to plant hardiness. The key to plant survival in your landscaping is planting for your hardiness zone. In Bradenton, Florida, according to the 2012 Hardiness Zone Map, our hardiness zone is 9b.

Some of the best plants to consider for your landscaping in zone 9b conditions include:

  • Pineapple Guava
  • Christmas Camellias
  • Japanese Holly Fern
  • Purple Lovegrass
  • Fire Bush
  • Oakleaf Hydrangea
  • Magnolia
  • Mexican Sage

Nevertheless, how do you go about choosing your plants? The key to a low-maintenance landscape is not in the plants themselves but in the planning of the planting. Here are some tips and tricks for selecting the plants that will not only prosper in your Florida landscape, but will look good as well!

Sun Light

Pay attention to where and when the sunlight hits your landscape throughout the day. Knowing whether you need full/partial sun or shade plants make a difference in the way they will grow. Choose a day to check the sun hourly and make notes on where your landscape is exposed to sunlight. This will alleviate mistakes made in planting the wrong type of plants and in the wrong areas.

Soil Consistency

Is your soil clay-like or rocky? Is it alkaline or acidic? It is important to understand what kind of soil your land has and how you can make adjustments or changes to the soil so that plants will grow. Growing plants in soil that is unsuitable for them will result in underdeveloped or even dead plants.

TIP: Create your own, unique growing space by having our team build raised plant beds around your landscaping.

Sizing Up

Plan the placement of your bushes, trees, and flowers accordingly. Allow enough space for them to grow healthy roots below ground and grow as wide and tall as they need above ground. A professional landscaping company like Three Seasons can assist you in creating the perfect spacing with all of your landscaping!

Add New Colors & Textures

When you are choosing landscape, and even hardscape materials, be aware of the colors and textures being used. The right ones can add proper design elements and aesthetics that could bring your landscaping beds to life.

TIP: Choose hues from the same color family and plan your landscaping around that element.

Color echo, which is a technique where you scatter clumps of the same color throughout the entire design, helps tie in your hardscaping and landscaping elements. Using this idea in the front of your yard helps boost curb appeal and creates an eye-catching design.

Deter Wildlife

Every region of the United States has their own pest issues; for some its rabbits and for others it may be deer. Outsmart the wildlife in your region by strategically selecting and planting greenery that local wildlife dislikes. This will prevent you from spending additional time and money on replacing destroyed plants.

Start Planning Your Design!

Many elements go into preparing and planting a well-thought-out and thriving landscape design for your home. Utilizing a professional landscape company to combine your vision and their knowledge of native plant life will result in a beautiful and blooming landscape. Calling, 941-748-4613 to talk to discuss creating a design that works for your property today!

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