We provide quality landscaping services include providing our clients with various plant options for their outdoor areas. We have many different types of flowers, shrubs, and trees for our clients to choose from to improve their landscapes. Here are a few facts about the top 5 plants requested by our clients.

1. Red Ti Plant

Red Ti plants at a property in Bradenton, Florida.

The Red Ti plant may also be known by its scientific name, Cordyline Fruticosa. This beautiful plant adds life and color to any landscape with its attractive purple and red foliage. One of the reasons homeowners love the red ti plant is that it stays a brilliant hue year-round. Some cultures plant the red ti to bring good luck, giving it a third nickname: the “good luck plant.” Some tips for the red ti plant include:

  • The Red Ti plant should be planted in areas around your property with partial sun or partial or high shaded areas.
  • For proper growth, keep the Red Ti well watered, but do not overwater. This plant can only withstand brief periods of drought.
  • If the leaf edges begin to discolor, the water may contain too much fluoride or too much fertilizer was administered to the plant.

2. Croton Gold Dust

Palmetto, FL property with gold dust croton plants installed.

Gold dust, or the Codiaeum Variegatum, has vivid green leaves flecked with gold, which gives it its name. This shrub grows anywhere from 3ft to 8ft in height. A few pieces of advice about gold dust:

  • The gold dust can grow well in full sun, or partial shade.
  • To keep the plant healthy, plant it in rich soil that drains well.
  • We recommend watering Croton Gold Dust plants every 2-3 days for 3-4 weeks after they have been planted. After the roots are established these plants only need to be watered once a week when planted in your landscaping.

3. Bromeliads

Bromeliad plants at a property in Anna Maria, FL.

In the past, bromeliads had a reputation as a show plant because of their exotic appearance. This relative of the pineapple stuns us with its beautiful leaves and flowers that it can produce. Its leaves are slender and come in a wide range of colors from green, to pinks, reds, and oranges.

  • Most species of Bromeliads will thrive in indirect sunlight to help maintain their spectacular natural colors.
  • Bromeliads can withstand drought however, they are less tolerant of overwatering. We recommend that these plants be watered once a week.

4. Hibiscus

Red hibiscus blooms at a home in Ellenton, Florida.

Those who grow hibiscus generally plant them for their beautiful blossoms. These may be orange, yellow, red, white, or pink in color. To properly care for a hibiscus, remember that:

  • The hibiscus enjoys temperatures ranging from 60°F to 90°F.
  • Once this plant is established it we recommend watering it weekly considering the amount of rainfall and temperatures. We recommend heavier watering twice a week during times of drought.
  • We always plant Hibiscus in a place that receives full sun to partial shade.

5. Ixora

Red ixora blooms at a property in Bradenton, FL.

The ixora, or the “flame of the woods” blooms in large brilliant red clusters all year. Other varieties may bloom with pink, white, or yellow flowers as well. Ixora can grow to be quite large and may become as wide as ten feet or as tall as fifteen feet. When Ixora are kept trimmed and pruned you can maintain these shrubs as a smaller hedge.

  • Too much pruning of the Ixora can cause a reduction of flowers.
  • Ixora can grow in partial shade but may flourish more in full sun.
  • The Ixora should be watered regularly with a deep soaking weekly, the soil should be kept damp but not saturated.

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The Red Ti plant, gold dust, bromeliad, hibiscus, and Ixora are all excellent plants to grow in central Florida. These different plants bring a lot of color to any lawn, garden, or outdoor area and don’t require much maintenance. Homeowners should always follow care instructions to ensure their plants’ health.

All of these plants are great options for our client’s landscape areas. If you are located in Palmetto, Parrish, or surrounding Florida areas call us for a new landscape design at (941) 748-4613 or visit our nursery to see our wide variety of plant selections.

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