Landscape Trimming

Autumn is a time for preparing your landscape for the upcoming winter months. One of the services your landscape needs during the fall is trimming. Fall trimming prevents diseases, pest infestations, makes room for new growth, and prepares your landscape for its winter dormant period.

Here are some reasons why your landscape in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas of Florida, needs a fall trimming.

Fall Trimming Prevents Diseases & Pest Infestation

Diseases are a common blight among landscape plants, as are pest infestations. Any time part of your plant becomes infected with a contagious disease or suffers from a pest infestation, the best remedy is to trim these areas off. Trimming off diseased parts of your plants will prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the plant and beyond to the rest of your landscape. Pests are often attracted to weaker parts of your plants as those are the most susceptible areas of your landscape plants. Trimming helps prevent infestation by removing these diseased, dying limbs and leaving behind strong ones that are resilient against disease and infestation.

Your Landscape Benefits from Optimal Nutrient Access

Recently trimmed shrubs in Parrish, FL.

Trimming your landscape plants keeps them shapely and at a perfect size to receive optimal nutrition. A tree or other plant that is too large and contains dead or dying limbs is not able to benefit from nutrients as much as a healthy, trimmed plant. Dying and diseased branches compete with the rest of the plant and steal nutrients from it in a last-ditch effort to themselves. Rather than feeding the lively, healthy parts of your plants, nutrients like fertilizer, water, food, and light get split amongst the healthy and dying limbs. When this happens, the rest of your plant suffers. Trimming these branches off will drastically increase your plant’s health and reduce waste. Landscape trimming is essential to making sure your plants stay healthy and receive the nutrients they need to thrive and sustain themselves throughout the cold winter months.

Trimming Encourages & Makes Room For New Growth

Overgrown landscapes that don’t receive proper trimming tend to decrease in productivity and growth as time goes on. These plants are also typically less healthy and less resilient to fight off diseases and pest infestation. Cutting off dead branches and flower heads makes room for new growth when spring returns. Some plants, such as perennials and fruit trees, actually require fall trimming and pruning, to keep their forms shapely and encourage bud and fruit growth.

Trimming your landscape in autumn is one of the many essential services needed to prepare your yard for the cold winter months.

Schedule a fall trimming visit before it’s too late!

Even though we live in Florida, we still get cold weather, therefore it’s important to start preparing your landscape plants and trees now before the cooler weather hits. At Three Seasons we provide fall trimmings in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 941-748-4613 to have our expert landscapers come get your plants and trees ready for the cooler weather.

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