Talk like the pros by learning some of the most common patio and walkway terms! Installing a new patio or walkway can represent a rather intimidating experience for some homeowners. However, mastering some of the industry jargon can go a long way towards easing the tension when discussing your plans with our team at Three Seasons in Palmetto, FL, regarding patio and walkway installation.

Let’s discuss the benefits of patio and walkway installation before delving into some definitions.

Custom Patio or Walkway Installation Offers the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Area

Florida homeowners often install a custom patio or walkway for a specific purpose and remain unaware of their secondary benefits. Maybe you want to build a patio to create more space for entertaining guests. Perhaps you’d like a new walkway to make it easier to access certain areas of your yard. Both serve as good reasons to have work done, but let’s discuss some of the other perks.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A new patio or walkway can dramatically improve the look of your home. The increased curb appeal will raise the overall value of your property should you ever decide to sell.

Increased Safety

You may want a new walkway to make your life easier when walking to the garage, HVAC compressor, or swimming pool filtration system. However, not only does it make it easier to reach different parts of your property, but it also makes it a lot safer.

If You Are Considering a New Patio and Walkway You Should Familiarize Yourself With the Terminology

Negotiate your next home improvement project with confidence by remembering the following patio and walkway terms.


Grading involves the process of moving soil from one place to another in order to create the desired slope. The purpose of grading includes allowing for proper drainage or leveling an area prior to construction.


Our landscaper installing a paved patio in Palmetto, FL.

Made of tile, brick, or concrete, pavers represent an economical way to create outdoor flooring and walkways. Most pavers interlock with each other to create a sturdier walking surface.


Stone steps and retaining walls by a home in Bradenton, FL.

Hardscape refers to all non-living features of a home’s landscape. Examples include patios, walkways, benches, walls, fences, gazebos, and more. You can contrast hardscape with softscape elements, like trees, plants, and flowers.


A wooden deck by a home in Parrish, FL.

As one of the most common landscaping terms, a deck serves as an elevated platform structure consisting of wooden boards or composite resin formed to look like wooden planks.


A terrace consists of durable materials to create an outdoor living space. It may attach or remain unconnected to the existing home. You can distinguish a terrace from a patio because it constitutes a raised structure.


A screened lanai constructed by a home in Palmetto, FL.

A lanai acts like a porch, patio, and veranda all rolled into one. It serves as a private, covered outdoor space and traces its origins back to the islands of Hawaii.

Landscape Fabric

When a landscape undergoes a complete overhaul, professionals often lay landscape fabric, also known as weed fabric, on the ground to prevent future weed growth.


A flagstone patio by a home in Parrish, FL.

A sedimentary flat rock cut into rectangular or square shapes, flagstone serves as one of the preferred materials for walkways. Historically, home builders also used flagstones for roof shingles, floors, and fences.


As a motorized ramming machine, a tamper’s main purpose involves compacting soil or uncured concrete. It presents a welcome solution when trying to compact granular substances for a small project.


The base serves as the first layer of ground for new landscaping projects. Depending on the nature of the landscaping feature added, landscapers often use sand or gravel.

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