Reliable Landscaping Services

We offer design and installation services for your new landscape as well as lawn maintenance services like mowing and trimming.

Longboat Key, Florida is nestled in between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, providing the community with water-front views all throughout the town. After just a short 66 years since incorporation, Longboat Key has grown from a community of only 215 people to a community of about 7,200.

The average home value for a home in Longboat Key sits at about $713,000. It is clear that the residents around town take great care of their properties and demand exceptional lawn and landscaping services. Our company has been providing just that for the community members of Longboat Key since 1997. We offer both softscape and hardscape design and installation services, as well as lawn maintenance services like mowing and trimming.

Our lawn and landscaping services will keep your property professionally manicured and healthy.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance: We tailor our lawn mowing and maintenance services to the individual needs of our customers and their lawn. You can schedule a one-time service or sign up for an ongoing program. We include edging, string trimming, and grass clippings cleanup with every mowing service. Our crew can also pull weeds, trim your plants, and refresh your mulch or rock coverings.

Landscape Design & Installation: Our design team is trained to create landscapes that bring our customers’ visions to life. From trees, flowers, and shrubs to fire pits and water features, we can add almost anything to your landscape to create your own personal oasis.

Landscape Lighting: Illuminating your home or business has many benefits including safety and beautiful aesthetics. Our design team will help you choose from a variety of lighting elements such as wash lighting, silhouette lighting, up-lighting, path lighting, and much more.

Landscape Trimming: Scheduling regular tree and shrub trimming will not only give your property a constant manicured look, but it will also help keep your plants stay alive and healthy. We can shape your shrubs and small trees however you like. Our crew will also prune your plants to remove dead or diseased branches; this will ensure that the rest of your plant stays protected.

Mulch & Rock: Keep your soil temperature regulated and retain its moisture by adding a layer of mulch or rock to your landscape beds. We offer a variety of options like cypress mulch, red mulch, white river rock, and shell rock.

Yard Cleanups: When you schedule a yard cleanup from our team, we will remove all your leaves and debris, pull weeds, trim your plants, lay fresh layers of mulch or rock on your landscape beds, mow your grass, and edge your hard surfaces. Whether you just need a seasonal yard clean-up or you are dealing with an overly distressed lawn, we can help.

Artificial Turf: Add artificial turf to your property for a pet-friendly, low maintenance, and chemical-free lawn alternative. We provide artificial turf both for sale and installation.

We design and install many types of hardscape additions such as fire pits and water features.

A fire pit freshly built by a home in Longboat Key, FL.

Patios & Walkways: Increase your curb appeal and property value with a new patio or walkway. We offer many materials including concrete pavers, brick, cobblestone, and flagstone.

Paver Driveways: A driveway made of pavers is easy to maintain and will last you a very long time. Our team can design and install your new paver driveway so that it matches the rest of your property and adheres to your budget.

Retaining & Seating Walls: There is so much room for creativity when designing and installing a new retaining or seating wall. With a wide variety of height, width, and shape options for you to choose from, our design crew will find the right match for your landscape.

Fire Pits & Fireplaces: Enjoy the cooler air of the winter months by installing a new fire pit or fireplace on your property. We will help you choose which type is best for you and your lifestyle.

Water Features & Waterfalls: The sound of trickling water offers a calming and serene atmosphere in your own yard. We can design and install spouting fountains, wall fountains, ponds, streams, and much more.

Landscape Curbing: We can replace your existing landscape edging with our concrete curbing service. Our company is able to create any color and design to meet your needs.

Our nursery includes locally grown flowers, shrubs, and trees that thrive in Central Florida.

Our Nursery: Visit our very own nursery to see a wide variety of shrubs, trees, and flowers that are proven to thrive in our Central Florida area. We even offer the most popular palm trees for sale, including foxtails, royals, arecas, and sylvesters.

We have served the Longboat Key, FL area since 1997.

Look no further for your lawn and landscaping needs. Our company has been designing, installing, and maintaining the landscapes in Longboat Key, FL since 1997. We have the experience, training, and certifications to exceed your expectations every single time. If you are in need of lawn and landscaping services for your home or business, give our office a call at 941-748-4613 today.