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Choosing a local nursery is a great way to support local business, and to buy locally grown plants that are adapted to our climate and conditions. Also, many plants for sale at big box stores are shipped from out of state and can suffer damage along the way, leading to unhealthy growth and even death.

Our huge selection, knowledgeable staff, and healthier locally grown plants make a trip to our nursery a better overall choice than a visit to a corporate retailer.

Better Selection of Plants than Big Box Stores

The selection of plants at our Palmetto location outshines big box stores.

Most of the corporate “big box stores” sell thousands of items, and have a smaller “garden” section with minimal plant choices. Sure, they may look good on the shelf or pallet, but they often endure long shipping processes that can lead to a decline in plant health.

Our local nursery is dedicated to nurturing and growing a wide variety of locally grown plants that are already accustomed to our conditions. Our inventory is much larger than the one or two aisles you will browse at a national retail chain, giving you a better selection for choices, sizes, and plant species.

If you want the exact plant that will suit your landscaping needs, a local nursery is a winning choice with many more options on hand.

Our Knowledgeable Staff is Available for Questions and Advice

We love growing and maintaining plants just as much as you do! Our staff is on hand at all times for any questions, concerns, or advice you may need. Many larger retailers who carry lots of other items don’t have specially trained staff managing their gardening sections. You may find yourself at a loss when looking for answers about your chosen plant, including its growing conditions, mature size, and proper watering needs.

Our team also includes horticulture experts who can assist you with concerns about plant disease, fungus, and additional issues. It’s worth a trip to our nursery and the results will speak for themselves.

Healthier, Locally Grown Plants are Available at our Local Nursery

Many larger retail establishments are forced to constantly re-evaluate their bottom line. Their buyers are trained to search relentlessly for cheaper options to maximize profits. Unfortunately, the result is often lower quality plants from farther away.

In transit, many plants can suffer from lack of water and can even slip into a drought-fighting state, which ultimately leads to death or deleafing. Poorer growing conditions at their source locations also results in less vibrant plants that may not establish themselves in your soil.

All of our plants are sourced from local farms and buyers, resulting in healthier, locally grown plants that thrive.

Call today to learn more or visit our nursery!

Visit our local nursery located in Palmetto.

Our nursery is located in Palmetto, FL and serves Parrish, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas. Pay us a visit! It will be well worth your time, and you will see the difference with your own eyes. Call 941-748-4613 today for any questions or to learn about our other services. We hope to hear from you soon!

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