Wet lawn mowing

For those of us who take great pride in keeping our lawn regularly maintained, it can be a bit challenging in our area of Florida. With all the rain we receive frequently, our lawns seem to hardly have any time to dry and breathe before the next bout of rain. While it’s vitally important to keep your lawn regularly maintained, it’s just as important to make sure you don’t mow your grass when it’s wet.

Mowing wet grass is a bad idea for many reasons. A wet lawn poses safety risks, causes extra work for you or your landscapers, and is actually very unhealthy for your lawn. Here are some reasons why it’s a bad idea to mow wet grass in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas.

Cutting Wet Grass Can Be Detrimental to Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn while wet is detrimental to its health. Wet grass tends to bend over, making it more likely the mower will knock over and miss some blades. This results in an uneven cut where taller patches of grass will stick out above the rest of the grass like cowlicks.

Wet grass also cuts less cleanly than dry grass, resulting in larger clippings that tend to clump all over your lawn. Rather than evenly spreading back into your lawn as mulch, these clumps squash your grass and restrict healthy airflow, eventually killing it. Moist clumps also create the perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests and diseases like brown spot.

Mowing a wet lawn also increases the risk of rut damage, since the soil is softer and more slippery for mowers. Grass roots tear more easily and the mower’s blades are unable to make a clean cut, resulting in a tear rather than a precise, even slice. Such tears open the door for fungus to penetrate the broken leaf blades and infest your lawn.

Mowing Wet Grass Is Unsafe

Mowing wet yards in Parrish, FL can be unsafe.

Mowing wet grass poses several safety risks. Wet grass is very slippery, and when combined with a sloped yard, the results can be disastrous. No matter what type of terrain you have or what mower you use, there is still some danger of slipping on slick turf.

Mowers run on electricity, so there’s always a risk of an electrical shock when you mow wet grass. This can cause harm to the machine as well as the person using it.

Mowing Your Lawn When Wet Causes Extra Work

Aside from the risks present when mowing a wet lawn, cutting wet grass can be a huge nuisance. Mowing a wet lawn takes much more time and effort than mowing a dry lawn, and because your lawn won’t look very good afterward, you’ll want to cut it again to try and fix it. Take into account the small yet annoying adjustments of having to deal with wet grass-covered shoes, the possibility of falling or clogging your mower, and grass-stained clothes, and it’s simply not worth the effort nor the time.

Mowing your lawn while it’s wet destroys the grass blades, causing tiny tears that invite bacteria, fungus, and other diseases, and harms your lawn’s health.

Needing your lawn cut after a rain?

At Three Seasons, we have the proper tools and equipment to get your lawn back in shape after a rain. If you live in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, and the surrounding areas call us today at 941-748-4613 to get set up with routine lawn maintenance and mowing services for your yard.

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