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In this area of Florida that includes Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton, we are blessed with a great climate where many different types of plants can grow and thrive. That means there are several choices for you to consider when looking at installing new landscaping or renovating your existing landscaping beds. At Three Seasons, we can supply or install plants for your landscaping needs.

Here is a guide to commonly used perennials in our area so that you can read through and choose which perennials you’d like to use for your Florida yard.

What Are Perennials and Why Are They a Good Choice?

Coneflowers, or echinacea, are a great perennial choice for Florida yards in Parrish.

Perennials are plants that will live for at least two growing seasons, but often they will live much longer than that. They are a good choice for your landscaping because they are a lasting investment. Annual plants will only live for one growing season and you have to replant them more often.

Flowering Shrubs Include Azaleas, Begonias, Butterfly Bush, Hibiscus, & More

Azaleas can thrive in the Florida climate of Bradenton.

A great way to add color to your yard is to plant flowering shrubs. These shrubs can grow for years if they are treated with the right fertilizer and pest control practices. Butterfly bushes can get as tall as 12 feet in height and 4-15 feet in width. They attract butterflies, as the name suggests and can have purple, pink, white, blue, and red flowers.

There are many different types of azaleas that can grow here in Florida. Some grow to reach six feet tall within 10 years or so, while there are also dwarf varieties for smaller properties. Azalea flowers can be purple, pink, white, red, orange, and other colors.

Begonias are also a great addition to your landscaping. There are a few types of begonias that are great for the Florida climate, and these include wax begonias, cane begonias, and rhizomatous begonias.

Many Florida homeowners also love to plant hibiscus shrubs. These plants will produce flowers throughout the year and can be red, yellow, orange, pink, and other colors. They are prone to aphid infestations so it’s important to be proactive and inspect your plants for any signs of insect issues.

Firebush is another great perennial flowering shrub. This plant produces orange or red flowers and is known to attract hummingbirds. This is a native Florida plant and grows best in full sun.

Common Perennial Flowers Include Salvia, Coneflowers, Roses, Daisies, & More

Black and blue salvia is a beautiful perennial choice for yards in Palmetto, FL.

There are countless other choices to consider when installing perennials in your landscaping. A very popular choice in our area is the salvia plant, or black and blue salvia or scarlet salvia. This plant grows flowering spikes that can get to about 3-4 feet tall. It’s also known to attract hummingbirds.

Coneflowers are another great choice for your Florida yard. These are also known as echinacea and can get to about three feet tall. The flowers resemble daisies. Their native color is purple, but they can also be orange or pink.

Another choice we see often is daisies. Lots of people choose the Gerbera daisy, which can be light purple, red, orange, pink, white, or yellow. Shasta daisies are another popular choice. These daisies are white with yellow centers and are great for butterfly gardens.

If you want to include roses in your landscaping, we suggest Florida-friendly roses such as the Knock-Out rose or the Drift rose. These are hardier varieties of rose and don’t require as much maintenance as other roses.

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