Installing ground cover in your landscape beds is not merely for aesthetic purposes, although it’s undeniable how it adds interest and color to your property. You can get either mulch or rock as a ground cover, both of which are great options. Both of these options can protect your soil from erosion, prevent weeds from growing, and regulate soil temperature. Both mulch and rock come in different colors, so you don’t have to worry much about the aesthetics of your ground cover. Keep reading to learn more about their benefits to help you decide what ground cover you should get for your landscape beds.

Benefits of Mulch Include Soil Erosion Protection, Weed Growth Prevention, & More

Mulch being spread throughout a lawn bed in Bradenton, FL.

Mulch is an excellent choice for ground cover as it provides the following benefits:

  • Soil erosion protection – Mulch is laid on the soil surface, therefore becoming a barrier to protect the exposed soil. It helps stabilize the soil, which is especially important during heavy rainfall when runoff can quickly erode the soil.
  • Weed growth prevention – It also blocks sunlight, one of the primary nutrients weeds need to grow. By depriving them of this, weeds will have a difficult time growing in your landscape beds.
  • Soil temperature control – It helps regulate soil temperature and keeps the ground cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Moisture retention in the soil – Mulch helps your soil retain moisture by reducing the amount of water that will be evaporated from the sun.

What’s more, as time passes, mulch will decompose and release beneficial nutrients into the soil that will aid in the healthy growth of your plants.

Because mulch breaks down over time, it will need to be replenished annually to ensure it is providing the intended benefits to your landscape beds.

What are the benefits of using rocks as ground cover?

Selections of different types of rock covering in Anna Maria, FL.

Using rocks as a ground cover is also a great option. Essentially, it provides almost the same benefits as mulch including protecting your soil from erosion and preventing weed growth. One benefit that rock ground coverings offer that mulch doesn’t is that rocks don’t decompose. This means that you won’t have to replenish rocks nearly as often as you would mulch. When it comes to rock ground covers, you will only need to replace them for aesthetic purposes. As time goes on, their color can start to fade and you’ll want to replace them to ensure your landscape beds are looking their best.

Rocks ground covers are available in numerous color options, so you can select a color that meets your personal preference.

Choosing Between Mulch & Rock

In the end, your preference is what matters most when choosing between mulch and rock for your ground cover. There’s no clear-cut winner between the two as they are both great options. If you want an organic material that will break down a deliver nutrients to your soil, then mulch is a good option for you. If you would rather have something that is more low maintenance and doesn’t need to be replenished regularly, go with a rock ground cover.

Give us a call today to have either mulch or rock ground coverings installed in your landscape beds.

Installing a ground cover in your landscape beds is a great way to protect your plants while improving the aesthetics of your landscape beds. If you still haven’t made up your mind whether to use mulch or rock as ground cover, our experts at Three Seasons can help you decide what fits your landscape best. We offer our mulch and rock installation service to properties in Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, FL and surrounding communities. Contact our team today at 941-748-4613 to get an estimate.

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