What to keep in mind when starting a hardscaping project

Hardscaping refers to the design, layout, and installation of the portions of your yard that are not alive, such as custom pavers, fireplaces and fire pits, pathways, and more. However, as countless of clients throughout the Palmetto, FL area can attest, a professionally-conceived hardscaping installation can bring your lawn to life with your personalized vision.

There are several things to bear in mind before beginning the exciting process of innervating your yard with hardscaping. Some of these factors include:

How the climate will affect your hardscaping project.

How will different materials fare against the Florida sun? Should you install something that assists with the drainage of rainwater? How does the weather during our rainy season contribute to erosion? These are all factors that must be considered when choosing the materials to be used for your project.

Every piece of the design must be taken into account.

Whether your goal is to create intricate edging that creates concise, geometric separation of different types of plants in your yard, or to replicate the majestic splendor of nature with a rock retention wall that integrates seamlessly with the environment around it, the design plan must account for every piece. Hardscaping is not something you want to “wing”. Having a good plan that is as detailed as possible will help to ensure the outcome is exactly what you desire.

Prepare for obstacles such as building codes and structural inadequacies.

Even the most experienced do-it-yourself project veteran might not be able to anticipate the multitude of challenges inherent to a hardscaping project. Matters such as navigating local building codes, electrical issues, the effectiveness of the materials you have for your desired goal, and structural inadequacies for which your hardscaping may have to compensate can all derail or complicate a hardscaping attempt. Rather than allow yourself to become ensnared by the challenges of hardscape design and installation, choose a professional (like us!) to plan and execute your project to perfection.

Residential hardscaping patio designed by Three Seasons using pavers and retaining walls.

Set your budget, but plan for additional expenses if doing it yourself.

When executing a hardscape project, it’s very easy to go over budget and is another reason why you should look to a professional to handle the project. Depending on what you are building, you can have costs in materials, labor, permits and even unforeseen expenses such as irrigation routing, building up/leveling of land, electrical work and more. When you hire a professional hardscape contractor, these items can be found ahead of time and worked into the project planning phase.

Get your questions answered!

At Three Seasons, we’re hardscape experts and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the planning or execution phases. Just leave a comment or give us a call at 941-748-4613.

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