What the Winter Season Means for Your Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

In Florida, winter means an entirely different thing for your lawn compared to other areas of the country. For instance, lawn mowing and maintenance typically don’t end; they just slow down or change in their patterns.

In areas such as Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton, FL, the turf will actually turn a brown color. While you may be quick to think the grass is dying, this is not the case. Florida turfgrass goes dormant naturally during the cooler months, as well as grows slower and is not as green.

Heed these suggestions when taking care of your lawn mowing and maintenance throughout the winter, so that your yard thrives in the spring!

Mowing Frequency for Turfgrass in Florida During Winter

In Florida, mowing is a year-round event. There is never a time that the grass is not growing at some measurable rate, as the temperatures do not fall as low as they do in the northern states. However, the combination of dry weather, cooler temperatures, and less frequent irrigation during the winter do slow down the growth of your turfgrass quite a bit.

Average lawns will need to maintain mowing once every two weeks. Some lawns may even go as far as every three or four weeks, depending on the growth.

Keep your mow height higher (around 2.3-5 inches) to protect the roots during the cooler months.

Watering Your Lawn During Winter

During the time between November and April, you need to adjust the amount and frequency of your watering. Your lawn, which usually requires watering approximately two times a week or more, will only need water once per week.

Keep an eye on your grass. Know the signs for stress, such as footprints being left in the grass or folded leaf blades. These are sure signs your lawn could use some hydration! When watering, try to water about 1-1½ inches at a time. A well-watered lawn throughout the winter reduces weeds and fungus growth, while promoting deep roots for the spring and summer months.

Growth for Landscaping Bushes, Plants, & Hedges From November to April in Palmetto, Parrish, & Bradenton, FL

Well maintained landscape bed during the winter season in Parrish.

During the winter months in areas like Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton in FL, plants and hedges slow their growth rate, just as the grass does. Since the growth rate is significantly less, there will be less maintenance needed on them. In the months between November and April, most of your landscaping bushes, shrubs, and hedges will go dormant.

How Temperature Affects Trimming & Pruning

Tropical plants are easily damaged by low temperatures, especially when the temperatures fluctuate. If you are choosing to trim and prune during the dormancy period, make sure the temperatures are going to stay low for some time. Rising temperatures can affect a plant by causing it to begin new growth where you trimmed or pruned, which can be harmful to the plant or shrub if the temperatures were to drop again.

Contact us for mowing and maintenance services for your turfgrass throughout the winter.

Consult Three Seasons for professionally performed winter trimming and pruning. If possible, leave your trimming to the spring and only prune specific plants. Spring blooming plants should be pruned post flowering and left alone during the wintertime.

To have your mowing and lawn maintenance taken care of throughout the winter, contact Three Seasons at 941-748-4613. Get a professional assessment and expert service to ensure your turfgrass and landscaping comes back to its fullest in the spring!

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