It’s that time of year again for the annual family Christmas card!

Instead of flipping through your phone album for a half-way decent picture, or paying to go to a professional, you can get the perfect holiday snapshot at the Three Seasons nursery! The owners, Rich and Charity, love to set up these holiday displays every year for families who want a nice picture without paying fees from professional photo studios.

Come see what it’s all about so you can send out those Christmas cards before December 25th!


Getting a late start on your holiday cards? Our holiday sets are displayed until a week before Christmas!

Holiday display and candy canes banner for photos in Palmetto, FL.

From November 27th to December 18th, we set up beautiful Christmas scenes throughout our nursery that make a great backdrop for any kind of holiday card! Now you have plenty of time to gather your loved ones for a Covid-friendly Christmas picture!

We’re open Monday-Saturday from 8 am until dark and Sundays from 2 to 5 pm.

Want to include the family pet? No problem! Your dog or cat is more than welcome to join!


Take gorgeous pictures for your Christmas cards at a low cost!

A couple taking holiday photos in Palmetto, FL.

Stop paying hundreds of dollars to reserve an hour-long spot at a studio for a photo that’ll take 15 minutes to take.

We charge $15 for families who want to get a quick snapshot and then go about the rest of their day! If you’d like to bring your own professional photographer, you’ll pay an overall fee of $25.

Tis the season for giving! Three Seasons will donate 20% of the proceeds to Southeastern Guide Dogs!

Come snap a photo in front of our popular vintage red truck winter scene and other holiday displays!

A young couple taking holiday photos in Palmetto, FL.

One of our most popular Christmas displays by far is our vintage red truck winter scene. People start asking, “When is the red truck going to be set up,” even before Halloween!

Carved wooden bench and Christmas tree in Palmetto, FL.

Another highlight of your holiday display is our Christmas tree made completely out of bromeliad plants from our nursery. There’s also a beautifully carved wooden bench we include with the scenery.

Want to take a picture with a classy and elegant feel? We have a paver patio area with stone pillars and railings wrapped in green garlands with several big red bows!

One of our more unique displays includes a hanging chandelier decorated with lights and hanging moss with multiple poinsettia plants surrounding the base of a large oak tree. This type of display is sure to add interest to any holiday card!

We decorate our nursery with pre-lit snow-covered trees, various outdoor decorations, and bunches of our fresh poinsettias so you can take as many different holiday pictures as you’d like!

Be sure to visit the Three Seasons nursery again on Valentine’s Day and Halloween to take another themed picture in front of our vintage red truck!

Stop by the Three Seasons’s nursery for a memorable holiday photo!

Vintage red pickup truck and Christmas tree displays in Palmetto, FL.

Don’t miss your chance to take a beautiful Christmas photo in front of our annual holiday displays! We love to spread holiday cheer however we can and are happy to offer up our nursery as the backdrop to your family holiday picture!

Love all of our poinsettia displays? Don’t forget to take one home during our annual poinsettia sale after taking your holiday picture!


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