Palm trees are a staple in every landscape in Florida. However, picking the perfect palm tree can be a challenge with all the attractive options out there. We’ve found four outstanding palm trees that will all make good additions to your landscape: sabal palm, foxtail palm, queen palm, and the adonidia palm (also known as the Christmas palm).Continue reading to learn more about these palms so you can determine which ones you would like to add to your landscape.

1. Sabal Palm

Sabal palm trees planted in Anna Maria, FL.

The sabal palm, Florida’s state tree, is native to the state. It’s also called cabbage palm because the tree’s immature leaves are edible and taste like cabbage. The sabal palm is a towering beauty that can grow up to 80 feet high. It has known for its curved and fan-shaped leaves. In the spring months, it can grow thousands of tiny, white flowers that are known to attract bees.

Sabal palm thrives in full sun and tolerates some shade. Whether the soil on your property is clay, loamy, or sandy, this palm tree will grow as long as there is good soil drainage.

2. Foxtail Palm

Foxtail palm trees installed for property in Holmes Beach, FL.

An Australian native, the foxtail palm is applauded for its outstanding adaptability to sunny and shaded areas. This tree’s fronds resemble that of a fox’s bushy tail, hence the name. The foxtail palm will undoubtedly become your favorite plant if you add this to your landscape, as its attention-grabbing height of up to 40 feet will make it a natural focal point in your yard. Its fronds adorn dark green leaflets and can reach up to 10 feet.

The foxtail palm is not fussy with soil, so long that it is well-draining. If you want to have an attractive palm tree that does not require much maintenance, this is the right tree for you. Foxtail palms have a self-cleaning capability, meaning they will automatically drop old leaves to make way for new growth.

3. Queen Palm

Queen palm trees for home front in Bradenton, FL.

The queen palm lives up to its royal name, with its bright green fronds that will become a focal point in any landscape. In spring and summer, it produces creamy colored flowers, which will eventually turn into bright orange fruits by early winter.

Queen palm trees require regular watering and need to be planted in well-draining soils. To ensure your queen palm will flourish, sufficient minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and iron should be present in the soil to prevent discoloration of the fronds.

Queen palms can produce seed clusters that contain over 1,000 seeds and can weigh over 100 pounds.

4. Adonidia (Christmas) Palm

Adonidia palm tree in Sarasota, FL.

This palm, also known as the Christmas palm, earned its name since it produces creamy white flowers and bright red fruits around Christmas. The Adonidia palm tree can grow as tall as 25 feet high.

This palm tree has a self-cleaning capability like the foxtail palm, where the leaves fall to the ground by themselves. An undemanding beauty, the Adonidia palm is relatively low-maintenance and thrives in full sun but can tolerate partial shade.

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