New Patio, Seating Wall, & Landscaping

New Patio, Seating Wall, & Landscaping

At Three Seasons, we specialize in designing and installing landscaping and hardscaping all throughout the areas of Palmetto, Parrish, Bradenton, and other nearby Florida cities.

Our passion is helping our customers improve their outdoor living spaces and we recently had the opportunity to help a homeowner with a new patio, seating wall, and custom landscaping. Check out some of the photos below.

Laying Down Gravel to Level Out the Yard

We laid down gravel for this property in Palmetto.

Our first step was to lay down gravel. This ensures the patio, walkway, and seating wall is level and doesn’t sink down into the ground. In our area of Florida, we have sandy soil so it’s important to make sure this gravel layer gets put down before any hardscaping begins. We also mapped out the landscaping beds before beginning.

Installing a Paver Patio, Seating Wall, & Walkways Around the Pool Deck

The homeowner had a great pool area with a pool cage already but wanted to expand their outdoor living space around the pool cage. We sat down with them and consulted with them on what exactly they wanted to add to their yard, and then created a design.

The walkways extended all the way around the pool area to create a cohesive feel, then we extended the patio out into their yard. The seating wall matches the patio and gives the homeowner an extra spot for entertaining guests outside. These elements were created with durable stone pavers that also match the existing exterior of the home and pool area for a gorgeous look.

This addition gives them the extra space they need, so it’s functional while also looking beautiful. It gives the homeowner, their family, friends, and guests a great place to sit outside and enjoy the Florida sunlight.

Custom Landscaping Complements the Patio & Other Elements

Custom landscaping looks great with the new patio and walkways.

We also designed some custom landscaping beds to give their yard a finished and polished look. In this area of Florida, plants like palms and bromeliads really thrive, so we planted those along with some other native plants. Bromeliads love the Florida climate and can come in many different colors, which helps to add a spot of color to landscaping. The addition of the landscaping helps to create a peaceful environment in their backyard.

The landscaping was finished off with black shredded hardwood mulch and river rock around the edges. Adding mulch helps to protect the plants and the soil from erosion and loss of nutrients, as well as keep the soil insulated against extreme temperatures like the Florida heat.

Here are some more photos from this project!

If you want to add on to your outdoor living space, contact us!

At Three Seasons, we work with clients located all throughout the area of Florida that includes Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton. We would love to consult with you on your outdoor living space needs.

If you’re looking to add new plants to your landscaping, we also have a local garden center where you can browse through the many types of native plants! Come visit us at 3720 57th St E, Palmetto, FL or give us a call at 941-748-4613 to set up a consultation.

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