At Three Seasons, we are passionate about the outdoors and enjoying everything it has to offer, which is just one of the reasons why we love creating new outdoor spaces for our customers in Parrish, Palmetto, Bradenton, and nearby Florida areas.

We just had the chance to add on a new outdoor area for a customer in the Mill Creek community in Bradenton, FL. Check out some photos and learn more about this recent project.

We designed the patio to extend out into the side yard.

The homeowner already had an existing back patio with a pool and pool cage but wanted to extend their patio further into their side yard. To do this, we chose pavers that were a mix of lighter brown shades and complemented the outside of their home. Along with the patio, we installed a seating wall with columns on each end so residents could have additional areas to sit outside on cooler evenings.

New landscaping along the patio added depth to the surrounding lawn.

New patio and landscaping for a home in Mill Creek, Bradenton, FL.

With the patio installed, we moved on to installing multiple new landscape beds. One landscaping bed was added on each side of the seating wall. This added an appealing sense of symmetry to the client’s landscape. We also installed a longer landscape bed that sits across from the new patio. 

To create a sense of privacy from the road, we also installed a landscape bed alongside the fence that rests close to the front of the house. 

This new landscaping alongside the patio and white fence added depth to the surrounding lawn. 

We installed various tropical palms and laid black hardwood mulch down. This bright and dark color contrast works well with the neutral colors of the new patio and seating wall. 

Our landscapers also renovated the landscape bed of the front part of the house. 

With the back part of the house completed, our landscaping team also renovated the landscape bed of the front part of the house. 

We started essentially from scratch, as the old landscape bed contained sparsely-laid mulch of fading red color. We began by removing this mulch and planned to lay down mulch in some sections and gravel in others. To add definition to the edge of the bed, we installed new curbing along the landscape bed. 

Before the mulch and rock installationwe strategically installed various plants per the client’s requests. Our team spaced them out adequately to ensure they all receive the water, sunlight, and nutrients they need to grow. 

From there, we laid gravel in pre-determined areas. In the remaining spots, we laid down the same kind of black hardwood mulch that we used in the backyard. 

Our landscapers preserved the same large plant in front of the windows that the landscape had to begin with. Our team gave it a new look by giving it a gravel bed. 

Check out some more photos of this project here!

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