New Landscape Bed & Artificial Turf at Palmetto, FL Waterfront Property

A few weeks ago, a homeowner in Palmetto, FL called us wanting to revitalize the back of their waterfront property. They already had a large screen porch, but wanted a new look for part of the yard.

We came out, took a look at their property, and came up with a design that looks great and will not require much maintenance on their part. Check out some photos and more information about this recent project below.

Clearing Out Existing Area & Preparing for New Landscape Bed

Our workers clearing existing landscaping for a new bed installation in Palmetto, FL.

The homeowner’s property has a natural slope to it, so we proposed adding in a landscape bed that ended in a retaining wall. This serves to level out part of the property and help get rid of the slope. We first had to clear out existing concrete and other parts of the yard, while still preserving a palm tree that was on the property.

The new landscape bed is mostly rock ground cover framed by stone pavers. The retaining wall also functions as an extra seating area so the homeowner can sit outside and enjoy the scenery of their waterfront property. This entire area will not require much maintenance, as the only plant is the palm tree. Rock ground cover helps to block out unwanted plant growth and only needs to be replenished every other year.

Inserting a Stone Walkway Increases Usable Area, Blends Seamlessly with Sidewalk & Landscape Bed

The new stone walkway we built wraps around their patio area and increased the usable area of their backyard. We chose a color that would complement the exterior of the property, the stonework of the landscape bed, and would also blend seamlessly with the existing sidewalk to lead directly to the homeowner’s boat dock.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf Include Better Drainage, Low Maintenance, & More

New artificial turf in Palmetto, FL means the homeowner will have less yard maintenance to worry about.

For the rest of the area, we chose to install artificial turf or fake grass. This artificial grass has many benefits over real grass, the first being that artificial turf does not require much maintenance at all. Real grass needs consistent mowing, fertilization, weed control, and more. Fake grass is also eco-friendly for these same reasons. It does not require the chemicals needed for a real lawn and it also does not need to be watered regularly.

The only maintenance that artificial grass will need is periodic sweeping to remove debris. It stays cool in the sun and is also UV protected, meaning it will retain its green color for many years. This new fake grass area in the homeowner’s yard allows for space to set up patio furniture or lounges so they can sit close to the water and observe boats going by or wildlife such as water birds and fish.

Here are some more photos from our recent project!

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