One of our clients recently called on us to help with a complete renovation of their outdoor living space. They wanted to get rid of their existing back porch area and replace it with a custom patio, walkway, softscaping, screened-in lanai, and water features.

Here at Three Seasons, we design and install custom softscaping and hardscaping for our customers all across the areas of Palmetto, Parrish, and Bradenton, FL.

Creating a Custom Patio & Walkway with Grey Stone Pavers

This custom patio and walkway in Palmetto is made from stone pavers.

Before we began installing the custom patio and walkway, we had to level out the existing area to ensure the new patio would look uniform. We used a base of gravel to achieve this goal.

After the base was leveled out, we began laying down grey stone pavers for their new custom patio and walkway which served as the anchor point for the rest of their new outdoor living space.

Installing a Lanai Helps to Shield Against Mosquitoes, No-See-Ums, and Other Pests

This lanai we installed will help the homeowners stay protected from mosquitoes and other annoying pests.

After constructing the new patio, we added on a lanai to help the homeowners enjoy their new outdoor space. Installing a lanai in our area of Florida has several benefits. Putting in a lanai helps to protect against mosquitoes, wasps, no-see-ums, and other pests that can attack you while you’re outside trying to enjoy the weather. Screened-in lanais can also keep out squirrels, birds, and other animals.

It also prevents leaves from falling over the patio, thus decreasing the need to clean the patio pavers.

This screened-in area has an open ceiling, allowing the homeowner and their family to enjoy the Florida sun.

Custom Water Features Increase Ambiance, Tranquility of Outdoor Living Spaces

Custom water features like this pondless waterfall help to increase a feeling of peacefulness.

For this job, we designed a pondless waterfall built from concrete blocks that has a column on each end. The water flows from the top of the wall down into a base of smooth black stones. Adding water features to outdoor living spaces helps to increase the ambiance and create a welcoming, tranquil environment.

New Softscapes Add Beauty and Color to the Landscaping

Custom softscaping adds color to this project.

To complete the look, we added in new softscaping around the patio and walkway. We plant native plants that are known to thrive in the subtropical Florida climate, and in this particular project, we planted corkscrew crotons, bromeliads, single foxtail palms, areca palms, bird of paradise, foxtail ferns, and more. We finished off the landscaping beds with some chocolate mulch. Adding mulch has many benefits, aside from the aesthetics. It also helps to prevent soil erosion and keeps the soil insulated. As these plants grow and mature, they will also serve as a privacy feature for the homeowner.

Check out more photos from the project!

Are you looking to renovate your outdoor living space?

Since 1998, Three Seasons has been working to create gorgeous outdoor living spaces with our landscaping and hardscaping designs and installations. We offer many services, along with a local nursery where you can visit us to pick out the plants you want to use.

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