Knowing where to buy your plants is almost as important as knowing how to care for them after they’re planted. Local nurseries and big box stores often carry the same popular species of plants, but how do they match up in terms of quality?

For many, the choice may come down to price, service, and convenience, but purchasing from our local nursery in Palmetto, FL has benefits that big box stores can’t offer. See why buying from a local nursery is a better option for all your softscape needs versus going to a big box store!

Local nurseries offer a wider variety of softscape options.

Buying in bulk is a practice most big box stores follow, and it’s the same when purchasing wholesale plants. Big box stores will often get a volume discount for buying several bulks of mass-produced plants. However, not all species of plants can be purchased in bulk, so it drastically limits the variety of softscape available for sale at big box stores. Local nurseries have the advantage of choosing their inventory and so will often carry more local or rarer species of plants.

The only downside some may find when buying from a local nursery is the price. Buying in bulk allows big box stores to keep the price of their softscapes down since local nurseries will purchase plants in small quantities at a time.


Softscapes sold at a local nursery will often be of better quality.

Landscape bed with nursery plants at a home in Parrish, FL.

The health and life longevity of plants will depend on the quality of care and maintenance they receive after being delivered. At a big box store, it’s questionable whether or not an employee in the gardening section is educated enough to provide the correct plant care for the different species of plants they sell. The reality may be that the plant’s overall condition upon arriving at the store will be the best it ever looks.

Our local nursey’s staff understands all there is to know about proper plant care. We hire horticultural experts who are trained to spot for pests and diseases and know how to properly treat the infected plant. They will also prune, fertilize, and re-pot plants when needed to help maximize their lifespan.

By purchasing plants from a local nursery, you support local growers and businesses that go above and beyond to supply local nurseries with the best softscapes!

Plants at local nurseries are chosen for the ability to grow in the Florida region.

Florida weather is notorious for being very hot and humid, especially during the growing season. That’s why many different plant species can’t successfully grow in this type of climate. At a local nursery, unlike a big box store, you’ll find plants that are meant to be grown in the Florida region.

Local nurseries that grow their own plants already know which softscapes will survive best in Florida’s climate. local growers who may also supply the nursery with other varieties of plants are knowledgeable as well. This also means the plants being sourced are healthier and more vibrant.

Big box stores won’t typically list the vendors they purchase softscapes from, so there’s no definite way of knowing which location the plants were grown in before. Even if some species lived in a greenhouse type of environment, it’s not guaranteed that all the plants being sold could properly acclimate to the Florida environment.

Our local plant nursery located in Palmetto, FL has the best variety of tropical softscape for your property!

Local nursery with potted plants near Palmetto, FL.

We offer a huge selection of tropical softscapes native to South and Central Florida that are guaranteed to bring instant life and color to any residential, commercial, or HOA landscape. Our location in Palmetto makes it the perfect local nursery choice for residents in Parrish, Bradenton, and other nearby communities. Call us today at (941) 748-4613 to ask about our other lawn and landscaping services!

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