Improved Landscaping & New Paver Walkway Evokes Organic Beauty

The goal of landscaping is to be an extension of your home in a natural way. For this Bradenton, FL home, we excavated the old landscaping and provided an entirely new landscaping plan with a paver walkway that whisks guests directly to the homeowner’s backyard for an experience in a setting with a natural look.

Utilizing a variety of plant life, rock, mulch, and incorporating natural looking curves, our landscaping team created a design that could be easily viewed from both the inside and outside of the home.

Bringing Vitality to the Landscape Beds with New Plants

It was important to refresh and revitalize the homeowner’s landscaping beds. Planting new plants in the landscape beds of the home was key to achieving the desired effect. We carefully removed and dug up all the old plants, including a Queen Palm, and prepared the area for new plants. Using a variety of Foxtail Fern, Foxtail Palm, Trinettes, Bromeliad, Bird of Paradise, and Spindle Palm trees, our landscapers created a symmetrical design that accentuated the botanical focal point and brought a new sense of vitality to the landscape beds.

Creating a Focal Point with a 14ft. Palm Tree

In the center of the new design, we planted a beautiful, 14ft. Foxtail Palm. This creates a well established focal point that also allowed the plants on either side of the palm to frame it in a picturesque manner. Additionally, the rest of the plants serve as accents for this otherwise minimalistic, yet eye-catching design approach.

Achieving Organic Textures & Color

The landscape bed of this homeowner features black mulch and river rocks.

We decided to use a combination of both black mulch and river rock to achieve an organic mix of colors and textures throughout the landscaping beds, that would compliment the colors of the home’s exterior and the new paver walkway. The result is a smooth transition of the visitor’s attention from the surrounding landscape to the focal point of the design.

By incorporating different organic tones and textures with the ground covering, the natural look of the overall design was enhanced.

Boulders used to bring cohesion to the design.

A creative element that our designers added to the plan was to have our crew bring large boulders on site, which were then placed within the landscaping beds. By including the boulders, balance, and cohesion is brought to the entire design. Take a look at the pictures to experience the way your gaze will move smoothly over the entire design.

Using Natural Lighting for the Home’s Interiors

The old design hid many of the windows and did not offer much lighting indoors. However, with our new design, not only can the homeowners enjoy a scenic and tropical oasis as a view from their windows, there is also the added benefit of the design leaving the front and side of the home clean. This allows natural light to enter the home and illuminate the home’s, without being blocked by overgrown plants.

Contact Us With Your Feedback

We would love for you to give us your feedback about the work that was done for our Bradenton, FL client. Our design team used their expert knowledge of landscaping design fundamentals to create symmetry, balance, and a clear focal point. The result was a clean and minimalistic design with a decidedly natural flair to it. To start the process of transforming your home’s landscape, contact us at 941-748-4613.

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