Getting More Blooms From Your Bougainvilleas

Few flowers festoon the space they occupy with as much beauty as the Bougainvillea. It’s radiant colors are a hallmark of the captivating flora found throughout the Palmetto, FL area. However, at times this flamboyant cornerstone of Floridian gardens may demonstrate a resistance to bearing the blooms upon which its reputation was founded. Our team of experts at Three Seasons have some helpful solutions for ensuring the health of your Bougainvillea.


Sunlight is the ransom necessary for your Bougainvillea to release the bloom it holds captive. Five hours or more of direct sunlight daily are required for your plants to obtain the necessary nutrients for it to show off its dazzling palette of colors. If you want yours blooming to its full potential, it is essential to ensure that it receives the requisite amount of daily sun exposure.

Wetter is not Better

Bougainvilleas thrive in arid climates, and routine watering by systematized irrigation devices can prevent your Bougainvillea from bursting forth with floral flamboyance. Experienced growers often water-stress the plants into blooming, depriving them of hydration for protracted periods of time, and then rendering water when the leaves begin to show signs of wilting.

Pruning at the Wrong Time

In addition to new love, rain showers, and longer days, spring in Palmetto, FL is the time for pruning your Bougainvillea! Comprehensive pruning in the spring will render lush, full blooms that bear a stark contrast to the barren, flowerless vine that a summertime pruning will beget. Trimming your Bougainvillea in the spring will ensure a season filled with radiant dabs of purple whispering across the leaves of your Bougainvillea, as the flowers prefer to grow on new wood. Make sure to utilize gardening gloves when snipping your Bougainvillea, as its vicious thorns can nip back!

If you’re having trouble getting your Bougainvillea to bloom, just give us a call and we’d be happy to take a look and provide some useful insights!

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