One of our clients contacted us recently about expanding their outdoor living space in Bradenton, FL. They had an existing pool area with a pool cage but wanted a larger patio outside of the pool where they could expand their entertainment area.

We took their ideas and wishes and our landscape designers created a custom paver patio for them with built-in landscape beds. Learn more about our recent project installation.

A custom paver patio has many benefits.

When these homeowners mentioned that they wanted to add a custom patio to their yard, we advised them to choose concrete pavers for their patio material as pavers come with many benefits.

Concrete pavers are a durable choice and will last for many years. It is also easy to pick a color that matches the outside of your property, as they come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. For this project, we went with rectangular pavers that came in various shades of gray.

Paver patios can also yield a great return on investment for property owners.

Their new patio also creates an area for patio furniture or a grill, where they can entertain their friends, guests, and other family members.

We also added in new landscaping beds to supplement the patio area.

Custom landscape bed with tropical plants in Bradenton, FL.

While their new patio is gorgeous all on its own, we also opted to install new landscape beds. These planting beds will supplement the area nicely and add a touch of nature to the patio. Our expert landscapers chose tropical plants and palms from our garden center such as:

  • Corkscrew Crotons: Crotons are a very popular choice in Florida for their bright colors and pretty foliage. They are fairly easy to care for and maintain.
  • Foxtail Fern: These ferns are often used for ground cover and have soft leaves. They can grow to be about two feet tall.
  • Coontie: These are also called coontie palms, but they are a palm-like plant. The plants are a great accent for landscape beds and are very hardy.
  • Bamboo: Our tropical climate is great for growing this plant. Bamboo can grow to be quite tall which means it can provide some privacy as it matures.
  • Adonidia Palm: This ornamental palm is also referred to as Christmas palm. They provide beautiful focal points in Florida landscapes.
  • Queen Palm: Queen palms can grow to be about 50 feet in height and are very stately and beautiful choices for any local landscape bed.

We also opted to install gray river rock stone as a ground cover and put in a paver border to provide a permanent landscape edge for the beds.

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