Creating a private tropical outdoor living space for Palmetto, FL homeowner.

This is one of our latest projects for a homeowner in Palmetto, FL. Our client’s goal was to create a more tropical backyard using landscaping around their pool. The second goal of this project was to add more privacy because one side of the property was exposed to the road.

How we created a tropical oasis and outdoor living area around the pool.

Custom landscaping around a pool to create privacy

We want to ensure that the homeowner can enjoy their pool, and all their beautiful outdoor living areas in complete privacy. The privacy was a big concern in this project because everyone that drove down the road in front of their property had a full view of their outdoor living space and pool area.

Our goal at Three Seasons is to create a unique landscape design for each of our clients. We do this through creative layouts and plant selections. We selected large Royal Palms that are native to Florida, this large beautiful palm is a classic and adds height to our design. This is a very elegant selection for homeowners in the Central Florida region with their long and full palm fronds.

Areca Palms are another choice we made for this particular project, this palm is sometimes referred to as the “Butterfly Palm”. Areca Palms are very full and dense, which creates the privacy and accents our design very well. This palm is slow growing and can reach 15-20 feet when fully grown.

For more privacy we added Pitch Apples, this adds uniqueness to the design that Three Seasons is known for. We used this as a large accent plant because it is low-maintenance, branches out close to the ground and grows wide; once again adding more privacy lower to the ground.

We accented all the trees and shrubs around their property with Corkscrew Crotons, Gold Mounds and Foxtail Ferns, all while leaving room for annual flowers every year. This landscape design added that tropical feel and gave our clients the privacy they wanted. They will enjoy their pool and outdoor living areas for many years to come.

We also installed irrigation and custom landscape lighting.

The landscape design also included all of the irrigation and landscape lighting for the property. Landscape design goes far beyond the just trees and plants. All the foliage in Palmetto, FL needs watered on a regular basis, especially during the dryer winter months. We design the irrigation system by zones, and in each zone, we make sure the appropriate amount of sprinkler heads are used to ensure each tree, shrub or other plant is thoroughly covered with water.

Our clients wanted to enjoy their outdoor living areas and pool just as much at night. This means we install custom landscape lighting to highlight their new trees, illuminate walkways and add accent lighting.

We love taking all of our projects to the next level. Three Seasons will ensure every piece of the project is perfect from beginning to end for our clients to enjoy for years to come.

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