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The summer heat can be brutal on plant life. Heavy rains can lead to erosion and flooding problems, the humidity encourages weed growth, and grass grows rapidly in the warm sun.

Without proper care, your lawn can easily become overgrown and riddled with weeds. To prevent your lawn from becoming the eye-sore of the neighborhood, it’s important to follow best practices for maintaining your lawn in the summer.

From the pros at Three Seasons, we have a set of valuable tips to keep things healthy and green—even in the intense summer weather.

Regular mowing, trimming, and weeding prevents overgrowth and allows plants to breathe.

This lawn in Parrish benefits from routine lawn maintenance and mowing.

During the summer, lawns can get out of hand in a hurry. A few good thunderstorms can saturate your lawn with water, which multiplies the growth rate of grass and plants. The warm sun and high humidity add fuel to the fire, and before you know it, your grass is growing out over your curb and weeds are beginning to take hold.

At Three Seasons, we offer regularly scheduled lawn care for this exact reason. In our service area in Florida, we typically mow once a week because the weather is very conducive to rapid growth.

Here are a few important services that will prevent your lawn from becoming unhealthy during the summer:

  • Regular mowing at the proper height encourages your grass to look even and gives it space to absorb oxygen, water, and light. The practice can also help discourage weed growth because healthy grass can put up a better fight against invasive plants.
  • String-trimming and edging prevent weeds and grass from growing around objects such as fences, mailboxes, fountains, curb lines, and driveways. The service creates the neatest look possible for your lawn and prevents damage to hardscapes.
  • Trimming allows plants to look their best, but also keeps rogue branches from taking over your bushes, shrubs, and small trees. Larger, unkempt branches can soak up valuable nutrients that would normally spread throughout the plant, so it’s important to trim on a regular basis during the summer.
  • Weed control is critical during the summer months because that is when weeds are in their prime. The heat and humidity combine with the rainfall to become a perfect storm for weeds. Weeds usually have superficial root systems that don’t require a lot of depth, so they easily grow after rainfall. Regular visits from a professional landscaping crew can help to nip the problem in the bud before weeds take over your beds.

Keep mulch & rock refreshed to protect soil during extreme weather.

Mulch and rock do more than just look great—they protect your soil from erosion and help to insulate plants from extreme weather.

During the summer months, our service areas can experience near 100-degree temperatures with high levels of rainfall. As a result, soil takes a beating and can often fail to provide adequate nutrients to plants.

Keeping mulch and rock refreshed and to the proper depth will create a protective layer that prevents soil from getting stripped of nutrients during storms. Water can still trickle down to the roots and soil to prevent it from losing vitality.

Our crews provide scheduled mulch and rock refreshers to make sure they are doing their job to protect your plants, especially during the summer months.

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